The Bucketlist With FIT FOR A KING’S Ryan Kirby!


Fit For A King is an American Christian metalcore band from Texas that formed in 2007. The band released two independent EPs in one self titled in 2008 and 2009’s ‘Awaken the Vesper’ and they released one independent album, ‘Descendants’, in 2011. Then, Fit For A King released four studio albums with their label Solid State Records entitled ‘Creation/Destruction’ (2013) this album really kick started everything for the band and gave them the recognition they deserved. The album sold more that 3,100 copies in its first week of sales. Billboard charted ‘Creation/Destruction’ at No. 175, No. 17 on the Christian Albums chart, and No. 6 on the Hard Rock Albums. They then released  a re-recorded ‘Descendants’ (2013), ‘Slave to Nothing’ (2014) including the single “Slave to Nothing” featuring Mattie Montgomery of For Today. The last album the band released came in October of 2016 with ‘Deathgrip’ it was produced by Nick Sampson.  Thought this album was in the same style that the band had been playing for almost a decade they were noted as one of the bands truly holding the metalcore scene together. They had earned their rightful place in the genre and respect from their fans and other bands came with that as well. 

The band is about to kickoff a North American tour on June 9th in Oklahoma City and running through 5 cities before they join up with Van’s Warped Tour.


As music fans we live to see our favorite bands perform live. Musicians often get a much better opportunity and view to see some of the bands we all know and love as well. Fit For A King has performed both domestically and abroad along side some amazing bands. We keep a running list of bands we want to see live and most musicians are fans just like us, so we are curious to know what bands they desire to see live the most. In this edition of The Bucketlist we spoke with Fit For A King  vocalist Ryan Kirby:

1. Deaf Havana – They’ve been one of my favorite bands for a long time. They don’t ever really come to America, so seeing them would be amazing.
2. Sum 41 – I jammed them so much when I was young, and they just get better with age!
3. Architects – I got into them a few years ago and can’t stop listening to them. And I have heard nothing but good things about their live show.
4. A Day To Remember – A staple of my playlist since 2009, I must see them, its not up for discussion.
5. Quietdrive – They’re from England and they don’t come to the States very often, but they’re very underrated.

Ryan certainly has good taste in music. We recently saw Sum 41 and he couldn’t be more right. The band was fierce and amazing and has lost nothing over the years. They are a must see for any heavy punk fan. Deaf Havana and Quietdrive aren’t the easiest bands to see live in the U.S., so if you get the chance to experience them live you should certainly jump on it. Amazing bands. A Day To Remember puts on one of the funnest shows we have ever attended, from their confetti shooting through the air to start the show or their constant energetic stage presence they are easily a band you could see over and over again. Architects is also another band that tops our own personal bucketlist. The English band is also another notable metalcore band that has been holding together the scene. Vocalist Sam Carter is at the top of his game and seeing them would be a great honor for anyone.

See Fit For A King on this years Van’s Warped Tour

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