The Bucket List With Mike Petrasek (BEDLEM)

* For the Metal Nexus’ Bucket List series, we pose the age-old question to some of your favorite artists: “Before you die, which band(s) would you want to see play live that you haven’t seen before, and why do they mean so much to you?”

Paul Wandtke (ex Trivium, ex Rock of Ages) formed the Chicago-based heavy metal/hard rock band Bedlem along with guitarist Joey “Trace” Brassal (Ex Fashion Bomb), vocalist Mike Petrasek, and bassist Brian Ahern. The group just recently released their debut album, ‘Back to Bedlem’ via SYFTS on October 31st, 2018, which you can pick up here.

Metal Nexus recently had the opportunity to check in with the vocalist about some of the bands he’s been dying to see. Petrasek explains, “Yeah, it’s definitely cool watching a band side stage and hanging out with them. As an all-out music fan, sometimes it’s better to watch up front and being with your fellow fans. My bucket list:

Iron Maiden – I’ve seen then 12 times, I think. I love the experience and being with my fellow fans. It’s my main goal though to get to meet them with my dad. He’s probably the biggest fan they have. Maiden is a religion in my household – my oldest brother’s name is Eddie!

Converge – I love anything they’ve done. I get almost everything Jacob [Bannon] releases. I have NEVER seen them live! A damn travesty.

He Is Legend – I’ve met a lot of musicians. I’ve always been cool about it because, hey, they’re just a person creating some cool tunes. Then I met Schuylar Croom, the lead singer and I started shaking. Super weird. And I asked for a picture and got all nerdy about it. I love this band and he’s an amazing front man. Any time they roll through, I’m there.

Fuck the Facts – Canadian grindcore. I have never seen them. I need to see them! Melanie Mongeon’s voice will rip your face off.

Daughters – I get to see them finally in November. Got back together to do some small shows with a new album. Beyond stoked to see them.

Sam Smith – I love his voice. It’s haunting at times but beautiful. His concerts though, now in big venues, seem like intimate experiences.

A Day to Remember – They have a good formula. The music pumps me up. I’d like to see them do a smaller venue. I think that would be a lot of fun.”

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