Interview With Skeletoon’s Tomi Fooler!

My boyz in Skeletoon are:

Mr. Tomi Fooler – Vocals
Charlie “Roxy” Dho – Bass Guitar
Henry “Sydoz” Sidoti – Drums
AndyKCappellari – Lead Guitar
Fab “BLACKIE” Taricco – Rhythm Guitar

Alright.  If you are not familiar with Skeletoon, you are in for a real treat!  Founded by Tomi Fooler in 2011 in Italy as a Helloween cover band, these guys decided to start writing their own material based on old-school Power Metal, but done a bit heavier and faster than traditionalist are used to.  I can hear the gears grinding to a halt in your head.  Great…  Been there, done that, right?  Well, here’s the kicker: these guys have a devious sense of humor and usually deals with stuff that is normally not a laughing matter.  PC making you crazy (yeah, me too!)?  Skeletoon have got you covered!  Picky as I am about Power Metal?  They more than have you covered on that front as well!  This is seriously good Power and shows not one single chink in their musical armor.  Terming their brand of Metal as Geek or Happy Metal, they already have one killer release under their belts, entitled The Curse of the Avenger (watch for references from Dr. Who, 80’s video games and superhero movies and television shows from the past) from 2015 (kick-ass album!) and are just a few days away from releasing Ticking Clock on March 3rd!  Think nerdy Steel Panther without all the sexual overture set to brilliantly done Power Metal.  Not quite visualizing this yet?  Well, go check out their music.  You will absolutely thank me for this one!  Until then, check out what Tomi Fooloer had to say to our queries!  (Be sure to check out their latest video when you finish with the interview as well!!!)


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