Review: COLD SUMMER – ‘Fight To Survive’ [Album Stream]


Cold Summer are an energetic post-hardcore 4-piece from Wakefield / Leeds. They have referenced their sound as experimental melodic rock with a twist. But the definition of an experiment is “a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery.” Cold Summer is no longer experimenting, they have proven their sound and are moving forward with their unique style. Fans are discovering the band by the dozens and building up a huge fan base. The band formed in 2011 and for the most part have flown under the radar in the metal world. 2012 saw the release of two EP’s by the band. ‘Transitions’ and ‘Wake’ and their ‘Self Titled’ album dropped in July 2013. Cold Summer brings the best parts of their punk and hardcore influences to the table. The band has a strong DIY approach to both their music and touring. The bands relentless show and recording output, also shows their fierce work ethic. These contributing factors has resulted in a large and growing fan base across the North Of England,as a result of playing shows alongside well respected yet diverse bands such as: Funeral For A Friend, Polar, He Is Legend, Self Defense Family, Lemuria, Milk Teeth, Brawlers, Grieved, and Employed To Serve. Cold Summer have released their follow up EP ‘Fight To Survive’ with producer Mike Bennett (Empires Fade, The Eyes Of A Traitor, The Ocean Between Us). The EP hit shelves on April 1st, 2016. Continue reading

D.R.I. Announces New Leg Of Tour Dates In AU. & North America


Thrash/Punk/Crossover legends D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) have announced a whole new leg of tour dates for their latest release, 2016’s “But Wait..There’s More!” EP. The next leg of the road trek finds that band hitting markets in Australia, Canada and the United States including these following dates and locations:

02.19.17 SYDNEY, AU – BLACKWIRE (all ages) Continue reading

Review: T-TOPS – ‘Face Of Depression’ [Stream]


T-Tops hails from the great city of Pittsburgh. The city that gave us the iconic sandwiches at Primanti Brothers has now given us something else amazing to consume, only this time with our ears. The group is made up of ex members of The Fitt, Don Caballero, and Wormrigg. Lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Waters and bassist/backing vocalist Jason Orr (also current member of the band Holy Rivals) founded the band and after searching for a drummer for an extended amount of time welcomed drummer Jason Jouver to the fold. They certainly have experience in other bands and you can hear that within their music. T-Tops have 5 releases in their discography, 2 of which were dropped in 2016. Their new 7″ ‘Face Of Depression’ dropped in November and was produced by drummer Jason Jouver at Plus Minus (+/-) Recording Studio. It’s the follow up to their April 2016 10″ split ‘Cyrus Gold’. The cover art for that previous release even pays homage to their hometown team the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jouver, who played on the album in addition to producing it, has since left the band due to fading interest/work schedule/and a bad arm injury. The band has since added Mike Koch as the new drummer for the band. While other bands struggle to put out one release every few years this band has issued 4 releases in the past two years. T-Tops is not only a band proud of their hometown but they also proudly deliver some amazing rock music with varying elements that gives them a uniqueness. The power trio expels ravaging riffs, gravely vocals, thundering beats and a soundtrack for driving fast to. The band is now scheduling a tour and we will let you know when and where to catch this amazing band once they hit the road. At times their style is somewhat retro but with a modern twist. So roll down your windows and let your mullet flow in the wind, this band is about to take you from 0 to 60 one track at a time. Continue reading

SOCIALSTYRELSEN ‘D​-​takt för dig som inte orkar mer’ Review & Stream


Swedish metallic hardcore is something that is bit of a first for me so I dove headfirst into Socialstyrelsen‘s latest offering, the 5-song “D-takt för dig som inte orkar mer” EP. The band, which consists of Martin (vocals), Putte (guitar), Tommy (drums), Devan (guitar) and Arne (bass), has a very abrasive sound that forcibly unites metal, punk, hardcore, crust and a bit of Post-Rock together. What results is a very aggressive, darkly-tinted foray into acidic music that relentlessly pummels you for the brief running time of a little under ten minutes. Chainsaw guitars buzz and slice while rhythms rumble about beneath and the drums carry out the equivalent of driving nails into your skull. Meanwhile, broken glass vocals full of fury and angst ride the rollercoaster of fierce musicality taking place all about like a beehive of activity. Song titles are in Swedish and I think the lyrics in the vocals are too as I cannot make out any decipherable English that I recognize. I don’t mean that as anything negative though as hostility-fueled aggro music is something that is universal and therefore thoroughly enjoyable as it batters you without ceasing. See if you can survive the ten minute assault by checking out Socialstyrelsen‘s “D-takt för dig som inte orkar mer” EP in the embed below.

IRON REAGAN Premiere ‘Bleed The Fifth” Video; New Tour Dates


RVA ‘s genre-mashing band Iron Reagan have released a video for “Bleed The Fifth”, a track from the upcoming February 3rd Relapse Records outing, “Crossover Ministry“. The album was recorded by guitarist Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall and mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou and you can watch the video below.

Tracklisting: Continue reading

POISON IDEA Disbands..Again


Iconic, long-running American punk rock band Poison Idea has shared a public announcement of their calling it quits as an active band..apparently effectively immediately. They issued the following statement recently which states the discontinuation started on January 1st and that all involved parties have been notified of the development. Poison Idea first formed in Portland, Oregon circa 1980 and dissolved once before in 1993 which lasted about 5 years or so before they began playing intermittent shows again.

Poison Idea’s statement: “This is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. We’ve told our friends, talked with promoters, announced it at the last show, but I guess we have to do this to make it “official”. POISON IDEA is pulling the plug on the life support system that keeps the band side alive. Ya can’t kill the spirit. But as of Jan. 1, 2017, POISON IDEA is no longer a band. We’re going to keep working with TKO/Cascade to rerelease the old catalog and we have stuff that was never let out of the can, that will probably be released. THANK YOU FOR THE 35(!) YEARS WORTH OF MEMORIES. STAY TRUE, STAY FREE. CHEERS.”

Review: CODE ORANGE – ‘Forever’ [Song Stream]


Critically acclaimed hardcore band Code Orange are set to release their 3rd LP, ‘Forever’ next week on January 13th, 2017. ‘Forever’ will be the band’s first release on major label Roadrunner Records. Their previous 2 records were released on Deathwish. It will be the follow up to their highly praised album ‘I Am King’ which was released in 2014. In my opinion, ‘I Am King’ was one of the best hardcore records in the last 10 years, so topping the record is going to be considered a huge challenge by many. The band formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. The lineup has changed a few times but has been consistent since 2012, the current members of the band are Eric Balderose on guitar and vocals, Reba Meyers also on guitar and vocals, Jami Morgan on the drums and vocals, and Joe Goldman on the bass. They changed their name from Code Orange Kids to Code Orange in 2014. You can pre-order the new album here. Continue reading

SONS OF SERRO ‘Dokken House Sessions’ EP Review & Stream; NYP Item


From the arid climes of the shared Arizona/California desert region comes the Sons Of Serro and their recently issued 5-song “Dokken House Sessions” EP. Featuring Atala bassist John Chavarria on guitars/vocals, PJ McGorty on guitars/vocals, Clint Cunningham on bass, and Kyle Cunningham on drums, Sons Of Serro are exactly what you might expect to emanate from the band’s surroundings…and then some. A defining blend of psychedelia-tinged Desert/Stoner Rock with clear nods to Punk and Post-Rock just begins to scratch the surface of this intensifying effort. This is the kind of music that results from years of hallucinogenic experimentation while absorbing repeated listens of Kyuss, Yawning Man, and Acid Mothers Temple and bluntly put, it is fantastic!

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POWER TRIP & IRON REAGAN Team Up For Winter Tour With Varied Support


Both Iron Reagan and Power Trip have new releases on the horizon in early 2017, the former’s Relapse Records release “Crossover Ministry” (Feb 3rd) and the latter’s Southern Lord offering, “Nightmare Logic” (Feb. 24th). So, what could be a better reason for the two bands to team up for a Winter North American tour run? That’s exactly what they will be doing too come February and March 2017 with support provided at varying stops by either Genocide Pact, Concealed Blade, Krimewatch, or Protester

Dates/locations are: Continue reading