Joyous Wolf Release “Mississippi Queen” Official Video!

Photo Credit: Johnnie Crow

Joyous Wolf has one of the fastest growing fan bases in rock n roll. Since forming the band in 2014, they have been wowing audiences with their refreshing brand of bluesy, modern-style, classic hard rock sound and electrifying live performances. A huge part of that onstage electricity is powered by lead vocalist, Nick Reese who impressively channels his inner James Brown and Jim Morrison as he shakes and shimmies like a bonafide old soul frontman – ladies beware. Throw in some jumps, a flip, and a few splits that would make David Lee Roth stand up and take notice; a tremendous voice that are equal parts Eddie VedderBob Seger, and Robert Plant; and you have one dynamically entertaining individual in Reese. Guitarist Blake Allard makes these ear pleasing riffs he plays look tremendously easy when they aren’t. The entire band is made up of extreme talents like Greg Braccio on bass and rounded out with the thundering drum work by Robert Sodaro. The band recently signed with Roadrunner and has been on fire ever since, shocking fans and building their fan base by the droves from city to city. 

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