Review: MALET GRACE – ‘Malsanity’ [Official Videos]


Malet Grace formed in 2014 in Italy. The band formed based on the idea of ​​the singer / guitarist Giampaolo Polidoro, who developed the plan after an encounter with guitarist Alessandro Toselli. After the first session of composition, where the first version of “Egopathy” was perfected, they contacted guitarist Andrea Paglierini who decided to devote himself entirely to the instrument of the bass. The newly formed neo-band develops the idea of ​​a concept album based on the disintegration of the ego and its opening to the apocryphal patterns of the human intellect and the consequent immorality of the contrasting debate between good and evil. The term “Malet Grace” shares both idiosyncratic shapes of the fragile art of existence.  The band recorded their demo in late 2014, but afterwards the drummer left the band. In December 2015, drummer Andrea Giovanetti joined the line-up of the band. The first full-length recordings are scheduled for June 2016. The band has now released ‘Malsanity’ that includes a unique blend of varying influences and styles. It’s not often a band can cross genres on one single song but somehow they manage to be the masters of doing just that.


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