GRIM RAVINE ‘The Light Is From Below’ EP Review & Stream


Just the name Grim Ravine itself inspires images of some foreboding, deep cavernous crevice within the earth where life is endangered and possibly, myriad evils abound. Those imaginings are not far off the mark either when the bleak, rock bottom sonics of the band’s imminent EP release, “The Light Is From Below“, is experienced. It will be issued this Friday, February 17th via Black Bow Records, the label run by Jon Davis of crushing heavyweights Conan. Taking their cue from such sonic monstrosities as Unearthly Trance or Bongripper, Grim Ravine have weaponized a lethal aural assault of bleak, burdensome Doom emanating with Sludge-like miseries. The four songs unleashed on the EP, “Shrine Of Misery“, “Translunary“, “Hypernova” and “Vacant Mass” carve their way into your skull with frightening misanthropy resonating in their beings. Heavy, loud, laden with groove, loud, heavy displays of what the band themselves admit to being their own knack to “worship tone and riffs”, this is vile doom merely for the same of such. Once you subject yourself to it via the Bandcamp embed below, odds are you will be utterly shuddered to your very soul itself and never able to peacefully rest again anytime afterward.