EARTH ELECTRIC (Former Mayhem & Ava Inferi Members) Debut Via Season Of Mist Revealed; Track Premiere


There is a brand new project, named Earth Electric, that excels at creating atmospheric Psyche-Doom and Hard Rock music. Comprised of former members of Mayhem and Ava Inferi (such as ex-Ava Inferi singer Carmen Susana Simoes and¬†current Aura Noir guitarist Rune Eriksen), Earth Electric will release their debut album, “Vol. 1: Solar“, through Season Of Mist on May 12th. The music contained on the album is multifaceted with various elements and layers to it, powered by ethereal vocals, strong riffs and intriguing keys. Those factors are enjoyably prevalent on a new audio-only track premiere from the band, “Meditate. Mediate“, which is streaming below.

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