Meade Ave. – Out of the Shadows of the Las Vegas Strip


The Las Vegas Strip. Bright lights, glitz, glamor, world famous casinos and celebrities. Whatever. Sorry. Not a fan. Head northwest off the strip and things quickly change just like most downtown areas in any large city. The polish fades and the world becomes “normal” at best and “seedier” and/or dangerous at worst. These are the areas that locals live, work and play in the shadow of the downtown machine. Take, for example, a short little street off the Vegas Strip, Meade Avenue. You can get your car fixed, buy a used boat, shop for “adult gifts”, recycle your worn out crap or rent a dirty old warehouse for whatever storage needs you may find yourself in need of. Not all that comes off of Meade Avenue is mediocre though. Take, for instance the killer, Hard Rock/Metal outfit named after this unassuming little Sin City street, Meade Ave…


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