State Of The Art: Wisconsin’s MY MEMORY REMAINS [Album Stream]


My Memory Remains

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is Wisconsin.*

My Memory Remains formed in June of 2015. The band consists of Nicole Steinmetz on vocals, Aaron Aull and Justin Perry on guitar, Kyle Miller pn drums and CJ Schmidt on bass.

They are based in Eau Claire, WI and have appeared on the same bill as killer bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, All That Remains and Otep.

From their biography, the band “write music in a way that everyone can relate to and can feel a connection with.” They are a hard rock band with Metal leanings and a singer with an incredible voice and range.


My Memory Remains – EP (2016)

They have released one EP called ‘Take What You Will’, which is five tracks of superb hooky rock, with a definite surge towards the Metalcore soundscape. The songs drive and motivate, with energy and a pure joy that often eludes many of the modern family of Metal bands.

Don’t Bring Me Down” opens the curtain for this collection. It is a brilliant romp through driving rock with a certain Metalcore edge. Nicole belts out the anthems bleeding with the need to communicate. Sweating power surges through the whole release, but certainly the adrenaline is maxed out on the opener.

From the high of the first song, the next tune “Something More” is more restrained, opening with palm-dampened chords. The melody is strong on this reflective piece.

The next song up is the weirdly titled “If The Lady Bugs On The Carpet Were Spiders” and this washes over the listener, soothing and stimulating in equal measure.

Beautiful Monster” is the ace in the pack. Driven by ringing guitars and thoughtful lyrics, it is mood music to the max. Once again, the vocals are amazing amd the drumming and bass are tight.

Finally, the EP rips it up with a more traditional Metal song, “Our Last Goodbye“.

All in all, My Memory Remains are a fantastic proposition. They have released a further single in 2017, called “Amethyst (We Will Stand Strong)“. This is a great song, with more urgency and a rawer feel.

Check them out – they will definitely remain in your memory.

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