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This month’s State is Texas!



Austin, Texas’ Black Thorn Halo are an ideal example of what a State like Texas has to offer, a totally kick-ass original Metal band that has talent, great songwriting, energetic live shows, and perhaps most important of all, hunger. The hunger that drives certain bands to push forward and persevere, refusing to rest on their laurels just letting the moss grow beneath them. The four musicians making up Black Thorn Halo are vocalist Ralph Lopez, guitarist Craig Leach, bassist Jack “The Ripper” Krupski, and drummer Eric Mulero, the band itself’s earliest beginnings were when Lopez and The Ripper formed it in 2010. That formation was established on the foursome’s shared love of the Oldschool Thrash Metal of bands such as TestamentSlayer, and Sepultura so the guys took their influences and molded them into the musical inferno that is Black Thorn Halo. Since the band’s inception the guys have stormed the stages of the Lone Star State and absolutely assailed the masses with their razor sharp musical savagery. They eventually released their debut full-length Texas Fucking Metal and that was much more than merely an album title, it was a war cry from this quartet and nothing can relay it better than this Official Video to the track “Corner Of My Eye” from that debut:

Black Thorn Halo clearly embody the belief that “everything is bigger in Texas” and they make that obstinately crystal clear with their humongous Metal musicianship, massively multifaceted sonic aspects, and the immense magnitude of their live onstage excursions. Just viewing the video to the track “Hollow” from the band’s debut merely provides a small glimpse into this band’s visceral volatility, a small sample of their sonic savagery.

These outlaws are continuing to brutalize the fanatical masses of Texas with their adrenaline-fueled live performances as their take-no-prisoners mantra has garnered them ever increasing attention and now Black Thorn Halo are set to release their sophomore album, Deadline, on February 20th. Purposefully drawing a line in the desert sands of Texas with this second round of indiscriminate vehemence, Black Thorn Halo shall once again ride with all guns a’blazing at all of their upcoming live shows, including the Deadline CD Release Party on February 20th. Expect this night to be exceptionally ferocious as the guys share The Sidewinder stage in Austin with Southern Front and the legendary Hell-billy Headbangers Agony Column (details on Flyer below).

BTH Deadline

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BTH gig


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