State Of The Art: SURGIKILL

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state*

This month’s state is Kentucky!

Hello there mortals of the microcosm! A new Monday has dawned upon us and I can already tell most of you are already whining and frowning upon the inevitable. But, you’d be rather excited on the contrary to most of people if you’re an avid follower of our weekly State Of The Art segment. And today, I bring to you some horror laden and panic stricken death metal. From the state of Kentucky, today’s SOTA band is rising death metallers SURGIKILL. Remember the legendary Stevo de Caixao of the famed Illinois old school death metal band, IMPETIGO? Get outta the cave if you don’t and if you do then this is your jam. SURGIKILL is spearheaded by Stevo and treads along the similar lines of excruciating horrific death metal terror that his previous band were known for pulling off. SURGIKILL thrives on horror and gore based lyrical themes which are very common in the death metal genre but never old and stale, the plot and vibe is generally very dark, scary and sonically brutal and chaotic. Inspired by the Italian old-school horrors, revenge films, post apocalyptic imagery, and mental decay themes, the band successfully gels their theme and style of playing perfectly well. Heavy frenetic riffing, incessant , ruthless growling and hammering drums is what makes SURGIKILL the band they are today!

SURGIKILL is fairly a new band and was spawned three years back in 2014 when front man Stevo tried to materialise the long thought plan of making a band with  with his good friends Ash Thomas(currently of VLADIMIRS, SHED THE SKIN, and CRUCIFIED MORTALS) and Billy Nocera(Razorback Records). The trio wanted to revive back some old school horrorific death metal with modern paced ultra heavy and grinding death metal of the highest order.

After a few months of their formation, the group released their first demo the following year with two tracks, independently on cassettes for only 200 limited numbers. The demo did spread their vile music all across the globe in the underground scene and made it heard. 2016 saw them getting signed to F.D.A. Records and delivering their first studio album, ‘Sanguinary Revelations‘. It was recorded at Frequenscreams Studios and engineered by Ash Thomas. The cover art was made by Mario E. Lopez. Sprinkling in a bit of their varied influences from thrash metal, death metal and grindcore, the sonic assault the listener holds testament to in this record is just atrocious and fierce. The debut effort is an all in and out pure death metal with terrifying deep and sadistic growls, thanks to three unique and mind bending growlers; intense and lightning fast riffings with catchy hooks and grooves at perfect times. The drumming reminds us of some old school death metal and so does the thunderous bass. If you are fans of AUTOPSY, REPULSION, TERRORIZER, then you might not wanna look any further. The guitar tone has a certain fuzz to it and it replicates the old school production to some level. Order the mind blowing album HERE!

SURGIKILL released a split recording with ANATOMIA this year on 1st of September, both performing one song each. Order the split record HERE!


SURGIKILL comprises of regular scene veterans who have come forth to belt astonishing death metal of the highest order. They are, 
Stevo do Caixao – Vocals
Ash Thomas – Guitars, Drums
Zdenka Prado – Bass
Vanessa Nocera – Vocals, lyrics
Billy Nocera – Vocals, guitars
William Sievers – Vocals

So if death metal with horror, Swedish touch and intensity that of unmatched quality is your taste then this band is definitely for you. Go ahead and blast some SURGIKILL today. You can thank me later!

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