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There’s a rumor that somewhere within the city limits of Boston Massachusetts a secret laboratory conducts atrocious experiments in the shadows of the New England Metropolitan.  Locals state that on some nights, the evening air is stricken with the sounds of the tortured creation that dwells within, and there are some who don’t buy into the whole conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo and say that its just a local metal band. Either way, they all call it Patient 0. After doing a little bit of digging I’ve been able to find out that Patient 0 is comprised of Dave Gannon – Vocals, Jeremy Litton – Guitar, Josh Previte – Guitar, Dan Woitasek – Bass, and Will Hall – Drums.  So far I have discovered that Patient 0  was founded in 2010 and has released 3 albums, the earliest work I can find comes from 2014 with their album “Outbreak” following that in 2016 is their album “Glass Prison” both of which paving the way for the release of “Sweet Nothing” which just came out on September 9, 2017.  Although they simply state that their music is metal, obviously laughing at the thought of being labeled into a particular sub-genre, Patient 0 has elements of Death Metal, Groove, Metalcore, Industrial, and Nu Metal, which certainly creates a unique sound that is full of energy, and power.

As I came upon their bandcamp page, I was immediately drawn in by ‘Black Unicorn’ the first track of “Sweet Nothing” with the use of an eerie audio clip that melts into a heavy intro riff, and the surprising presence of turntable scratching. I really haven’t heard many bands that have so much diversity in their music, each and every member of Patient 0 is well versed with their instrument, and seem as though they have an exceptional ability to arrange their music in a complex manner that makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. Vocalist Dave Gannon has an extremely impressive range and ability to perform in multiple styles, cleans, high screams, low growls, you name it, he does it (Piggy squeaaaal). The music has a tremendous energy that is maintained throughout the whole album, and songs like ‘Web Of Lies’ and ‘Hell To Pay’ really stand out in the crowd, and offer something a little different than your normal metal songs.  They may not be on a label, but i can tell you that Patient 0 doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting out there and melting faces, they’ve shared the stage with some very well known acts such as All That Remains, Attila, Black Veil Brides, Hollywood Undead, Devildriver, Arch Enemy, Mushroomhead, Hed PE, Ill Nino, Taproot, Alter Bridge, Powerman 5000, and Theory of a Dead Man so it’s safe to say that they’re pretty serious business. I really enjoyed getting out of my normal areas of metal to listen to these guys, and I hope you will take the time check them out. Here’s to hoping that there’s more to come!

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