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Omery Rising name

Omery (N): The God of Heavy Metal; with armor of leather and the Power of Metal, He ruled the Earth and Sea…  And now his time has come to rise again and bring back True Heavy Metal.  With thunder and lightning he shakes the sky.  Omery will rise, but he shall never die!

An Excerpt from “The Legend of Omery”:

From the South, dark, acrid clouds roll down the nearby hills, choking all starlight and creating an impenetrable blanket of sickening gray and despair. The once united village sits in decay at the base of the ridge, awaiting its pre-ordained demise to The Flood of the Separation. Over decades of petty in-fighting and the cross pollination of its once, proud families, The Brotherhood had splintered; its power, influence and dominance spiraling into a never-ending vortex of chaos and Night. This was sure to mercifully be The End…

Just as the Rite of the Last Breath had begun comes a thunderous barrage of cacophonous movement and glorious sound from the Northern Event Horizon. Armed with ancient watered steel and The Wood of Eden emerge the Army of the Antecedent; the Army of Omery; its sole purpose to unite and purify those that had fallen… – Cadmus (Greek God of Literature and Writing)

Omery Rising is a band coming to us from Fresno, California whose sole goal is to “bring back Heavy Metal, bring it back to the top like it used to be many years ago. And to make Omery (the [self-described] God of Heavy Metal) rule again!”. Traditional, in every sense of the word, this four piece band plays melodic, British Invasion style Heavy Metal/Hard Rock and wants to purify the music, reuniting The Brotherhood of Metal to its former greatness. With music influenced by greats such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, which are all universally lauded, this is a very good place to make such a bold statement. They are so confident in their music, they even offer to personally refund the cost of their CD if you are not satisfied 100% (This will NEVER happen! They are, in fact, that good!)! In Iron Maiden/Steve Harris manner, the bass player, Michael McClanahan writes most of the lyrics while collaborating music writing with vocalist Joseph Michael, lead/rhythm guitarist David Ramos and Ernesto Zepeda on drums. Their chops are laser sharp and just as hot. Being very tight and melodic, they could easily have come from their influential bands‘ time; so much so that people might be kicking themselves for missing this stellar band years ago! Towering vocals layered on top of ripping, catchy guitar riffs, driving bass leads and throaty drumming, creates a sound that is familiar to those purists that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s while remaining relevant and entertaining as hell in today’s wide Metal spectrum. Clever, gothic and intelligent lyrics are also reminiscent of bands like Dio, Armored Saint and Saxon; conjuring images of mystical lands and magic while not being overtly dark or derisive. This is a very mature music coming from a band with only two releases. Named the best band in Fresno and being recognized as one of the top 15 unsigned bands, Omery Rising has a brilliant future ahead of them and a band that deserves attention and recognition! Pure Metal, pure fun…

Omery Rising (N): A Heavy Metal band from Fresno, CA that sets out to destroy the music of today and bring True Heavy Metal back to the people!

Omery Rising (N): A Heavy Metal band from Fresno, CA that sets out to destroy the music of today and bring True Heavy Metal back to the people!


Self Titled EP, Released September 2013

The Rising”, Released August 2015

4 panel.eps

Special thanks to Michael McClanahan for being so gracious and helpful while writing the showcase!  Much appreciated!  Rock on! – Odyssey

Check them out on:  Facebook  Reverb Nation  YouTube  Band Camp  Twitter  Instagram: @omeryrising

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