State Of The Art: North Carolina’s STELLAR CIRCUITS [Album Stream]

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state. This month’s state is North Carolina.*

STELLAR CIRCUITS formed in 2015 in order to create progressively-minded music. The name “Stellar Circuits” is derived from the eight-circuit model of consciousness, a theory proposed in the 1970’s about expanding consciousness and understanding the process of our mind as it relates to existentialism.

Stellar Circuits is made up of Ben Beddick (Vocals),  Jesse Olsen (Bass), Andrew Mericle (Guita) and Tyler Menon (Drums).  They are righteous in their complexity and musicality.  The style is progressive with elements of grunge and Nu Metal and Metalcore.  The horizons skew with shards of music staves and the gods bless the sound with their love.

The band have released two records, to date.  In 2016, they issued the heavy self-titled record, which contains the haunting tune “Circuit V.”  The epic tune is filled with memorable bass work, mixed with complex guitar and some interesting spoken word passages.  This is a record which is best experienced with a pair of good quality headphones.  The music takes you on a journey and holds your attention like a storyteller spinning a yarn over an open fire.

The debut also contains more accessible fare, such as “Midnight Mission.” Beddick’s vocals are warm and emotive and his range is considerable.  Hypnotic and charismatic are two words to describe the singing on the self-titled EP.  However, he also not afraid to try some primal screaming too – a treat for fans of Metalcore.

2018 saw the release of the latest Stellar Circuits collection, ‘Ways We Haunt.’  This is slightly more progressive, with a knowing wink in the direction of a certain Canadian band.  There are keyboards layered onto the clever guitar and busy drumming (both of which are top notch).  The record screams maturity and the aching need to communicate complex ideas.

Their second Stellar release is a thing of considerable beauty.  Blending in the elements of all the genres mentioned before, it haunts the listener long after the music has stopped.  It drips with ambition and enthrals with a lust for life that is rare.

Stellar – they certainly are.

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