State Of The Art: New Jersey’s MOM FIGHT! [EP Stream]


*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state*

This month’s state is New Jersey!

2015 saw the formation of the band Mom Fight in Middleton, New Jersey. The band is currently a three piece, but started out as a 4 piece band. Former singer Joe left the band in May and cited his desire to focus on film making as his reason for leaving the band. It was at this time that guitarist Nick Timoniere stepped up and filled the role of vocalist as well as continuing as the bands guitarist. On Nick moving forward as the vocalist the band stated “After Joe left, we decided it would be best to record Vacant as a three piece, with Nick being the most natural of transitions for vocals. If you saw us back in August or looked at the photos, you knew Nick was putting the guitar down and fronting the band. Everyone knew, but we just never confirmed it. Nick put in a tremendous amount of work on this EP, as he did every guitar and all the lead vocals on it.” The band also picked up guitarist Shawn Riyann so Nick could focus on vocals and completing the band once again as a 4 piece. Some of the Mom Fight’s influences are Bottomfed, The Greatest Virtue, Deadbeat, Hounds, Queensway, and Gallery. The bands sound has a varying style. You can hear a wide variety of genres they sort of touch on but they certainly can’t be pigeon holed to one specific genre. At times you will hear a bit of metalcore and other times they seem more sludgy with a hint of thrash and hardcore. No matter what you call it, one word that can define their sound is HEAVY.



Mom Fight released their first demo in October of 2015, followed by another demo in in February of 2016. The band then took some time to regroup and started working on what would become their debut EP ‘Vacant’. They first released the jaw dropping single “Ren” on September 15, 2017. The single as well as ‘Vacant’ was Engineered and mixed by Pete Andrews at Submergent in Middletown, NJ and mastered by Salvatore Giglio at 17th Avenue Audio Production. “Ren” is not only musically amazing but the band also showcases a knack for lyrical content as well. The song begins with “We’ve seen eye to eye, Far less than we’ve gone toe to toe. My mind’s been growing dark, from years of standing in your shadow.” It’s lyrics like this that fans can easily relate to and therefore it makes them much more comfortable with the band. Mom Fight released ‘Vacant’ on October 13, 2017 . The album also features some guest vocals by Matty Carlock: Backing vocals on “Zodiac”, and Dan Smith (The Greatest Virtue): Backing vocals on “Songbird”.  While “Ren” is the single that got everyone pumped for the EP release, the other 4 tracks on the EP are just as strong. “Songbird” has an intense rhythm and Nick’s hardcore-esque vocal approach perfectly melds with the instrumentation.  Mom Fight’s sound has a grit your teeth and clinch your fist aggression that just begs to be moshed along to. Though this EP is still brand new we can’t wait for the follow up release. This three piece has a huge sound that is certainly going places. If you haven’t yet heard this amazing EP I urge you to do so now below, and check them out life if you are in or around The Garden State.

Mom Fight has an upcoming show on 11/11 in Flemington, New Jersey. Make sure to follow the band on Facebook below for more upcoming shows and info. Purchase a copy of ‘Vacant’ here.


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