State Of The Art: Missouri’s THE STROPPERS [Track Stream]

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, The Stroppers serves you a great combination of blues and garage rock. The two-piece band, consisting of Joel Monroe riffing on guitar and screaming vocals, and Jasmina Bonilla creating the thunder on drums, has recently gone under some major changes: A name change, new image, and rebranding of their debut album. Recently known as Play Pretend, they released their debut album in the spring of 2018 on CD and major streaming sites. The band has been on a rocket ride to success ever since.

With their changes to the band, The Stroppers are re-releasing their debut album along with the addition of a different version of the track “Space Song” whose title was also changed.

The Stroppers didn’t forget about their fans that have been with them since the album release back in the spring of 2018. For everyone who bought the CD and a band shirt, the band will send these fans a replacement shirt along with the newly branded CD. If you’re into loud rock, extensive amount of fuzz, and having a great time at a concert, this is your band.

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