State Of The Art: Hatred Alive


*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Maine!

Take one listen and you may guess that this band comes from sunny Florida…. no sir… Hatred Alive comes to you from the great north. Rumford, Maine to be exact. Hatred Alive are one of those bands that is just so damn heavy it makes your jaw drop. Sometimes with extremely heavy music there is a major lack of creativity. That isn’t the case here. The very first introduction I had to the band was the track “God Hates Country Music”. The song begins with some old school country music and then suddenly delves into some skull crushing heaviness. “Fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on” is just a little taste of the lyrics. Need I say more? I’m sure being a Kentucky native and surrounded by country music all the time makes this song appeal to me more so than some, but this music is for any fan of any style. While this particular song is what led me to this band I’ve been able to find other songs that show more proof that this band is exactly what metal heads crave. As of May the band was working on tracking some vocals for new material, which we are more than anxious to hear. Another amazing track “No Mercy” proves that the band is no one trick pony, as they perfect their death and groove style. If you are a fan of old school death metal then this is going to give you the hard on of a lifetime. The band is rounded out with amazing musicians that each add something special to the band. Chugging guitar riffs from Shannon Bates, sinister vocals and screams by Jeremy St. Peter, those thundering bass lines by  Rob Bates and the amazing double bass drum kicks and beats by Nick Graham. If you are in/around Maine and have the opportunity to support this band live then i suggest you do so. If they are ever in my neck of the woods you can bet your sweet ass i’ll be there.

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