State of the Art: Bokor Law

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This month’s State is South Carolina!


Happy freaking Halloween everyone! This also means that we are closing this chapter on our State of the Art: South Carolina series. Definitely another state that has proven to have no lack of killer bands to listen to and choose from. If all of the stellar bands presented thus far by our staff has not convinced you that Metal is alive and well in SC, let me offer you Bokor Law.


Calling Charleston, SC home, Bokor Law was recently formed from of the corpses of many other projects and bands buried in shallow graves throughout the area after dredging the surrounding marshlands. A fitting Frankenstein’s monster of aural abuse on this, the darkest of holidays and a favorite among many of my Metalhead friends. Playing together previously or supporting other members’ projects, Bokor Law came about in an effort to create “unique attention grabbing songs, and intense live showsthat “will not disappoint”. Even when the inevitable line up changes take place, the band shows no butt-hurt hard feelings and supports new efforts of its exiting member as shown by the September 22nd Facebook post: “What up Bokor Nation!!!! We have a good news/bad news post to share with you. First, the bad news. Unfortunately, Chris Davis is no longer killin’ it with us. Chris is an awesome guitarist, an awesome dude, and we look forward to his next project!!!!! Thanks Karate Chris! \m/ The good news is that Merle Bomber will be stepping in!!! Join us as we welcome this lovable son of a bitch on board!!!! This dude seriously slays and we’re stoked to have him! See you at the shows……..”. Great attitude and opening shot from this kick ass band. Currently, members include Robert Gore on vocals, Danny Reich and aforementioned Merle Bomber on guitars and vocals, Matt Bryson providing his bass talents along with Brad Theobald on the kit. With the putrid freshness of that new band smell not yet wearing off, Bokor Law is assuredly out for blood as they share their fury during each of their mass slaying shows!


Artwork by Justin Talarski

Appropriately categorizing themselves as Driving Melodic Death Metal, Bokor Law serves up a mixture of Death Metal and Prod Death that pulls up just short of the often overly complicated and sometimes polarizing Technical Death, wisely leaving the cemetery gates open wide for a wide variety of future directions and a broader base for any sub-genre of Metal fan. Deep, rich, shred-like bass lines and complex drumming set a sturdy foundation for Bokor Law’s sound. Bryson and Theobald are extremely talented musicians in their own right; both standing tall among the heavy yet melodic guitar work provided by Reich and Bomber. Interesting, unforgettable hooks, neck scorching solos and powerful, ominous rhythms abound throughout their available works which currently include The Pact of Dirt and Man”, “Red Planet”, “Eater of Gods” and Bokor Law”, linked below. Add to this hefty helping of melodic Metal mayhem the dark vocals of Gore and Bokor Law’s captivating spell is complete. Gore’s voice has a wide range, from (mostly) visceral barks and assorted growls to almost cleanly sung harmonies that never leave lyrics hidden in the pandemonium, which is all too characteristic of Death Metal. I, for one, really appreciate being able to understand lyrics and tip my hat to Bokor Law’s efforts to leave lyrical intent coherent. It adds a depth to the music that is frequently missed if lyrics are left to the listener’s own comprehension. A very nice touch for an already killer band! Unequivocally a band to watch out for in the very near future!

bokerlawband5 bokerlawband7

bokerlawband8 bokerlawband4


More information on Bokor Law can be found on: Facebook  Twitter  ReverbNation

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