State Of The Art: BINARY CODE! [Official Album Stream]

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state*
                                                              This month’s state is New Jersey!

Binary Code is a progressive metalband from, how suprising, New Jersey. They have been making stellar music since 2010 starting with ‘Priest’ which is, to me, one of the better progressive records I have heard in a while. But don’t worry, the flame hasn’t died yet. Last year, May 24, they restarted the engine by firing up the full album ‘Moonsblood’. So without further ado, let’s dig right into this masterpiece of a band!

Alright. Before going into the vocals and the instrumentals let’s first take a look at the album art cover. It is rather tense yet very exposing and after having heard the band’s style you will know that the art is meant to be part of ‘Moonsblood’.

Talking about the piece, it just simply has written ”progressive” all over it. Compared to a lot of other bands Binary Code doesn’t seem to be trying to look outside the box. Instead they are busy perfecting the art of making progressive metal. The instrumentals are nothing more but mind blowing. The drum patterns are out of the ordinary and complex while the guitar riffs are there to hold it all together. Besides the weird patterns and the amazing riffs there is more to the beauty of ‘Moonsblood’. The vocal techniques are something to talk about too because they are outstandingly good at keeping up with the odd yet great guitar/drum work. With the instrumentals being of this high quality and ‘Moonsblood’ being their second official record I didn’t think that the vocals would be able to fit in but they absolutely did.

So to wrap it all up, if you are into progressive metal or looking to get into the progressive side of metal Binary Code is definitely the band you are looking for!

Huge credits to:

Engineer – Eyal Levi
Vocal Engineer – John Douglass
Mastering Engineer – Alan Douches (West West Side Music)
Artwork – Acid Toad

Binary Code:

Jesse Zuretti – Guitar/Writer
Oded Weinstock – Singer/Writer
PJ Spilletti – Guitars
Connor Appleton – Bass
Austin Blau – Drums


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