SLEEP WAKER Releases A Haunting Music Video For ”Relief”!

After Sleep Waker finally got signed to StaySick Recordings things have only been getting better and better for the band. They finally got recognized for their dark and refreshing sound as well as holding an absolute beast of a vocalist!

Sleep Waker has always been a band that takes big influence on the darker side of things regarding life and death and oh man what did they deliver this time! They just released another banger via their just acquired record label StaySick on the 17th of April and it is the official music video for one of their best songs yet: ”Relief”. With its sinister undertone watching your every move and with lyrics that will literally haunt you for as long as you take breath it is a track you don’t want to be skipping. Talking about things you can’t miss out on, their latest record ‘Don’t Look At The Moon’ is also part of that category. Besides taking influence from a lot of aspects the core community will only praise them for yhey are also known for writing about subjects most’t bands don’t touch. Besides talking about mental health, death, life and so much more they also write about dreams. And that is exactly where Sleep Waker shines.

Support Sleep Waker by getting their record ‘Don’t Look At The Moon’ here!

Sleep Waker:

Hunter Courtright – Vocals
Jason Caudill – Guitar
Eric Overway – Guitar
Noah Boland – Bass/vocals
Frankie Mish – Drums/vocals

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