SHALLOW SIDE ‘One’ EP Review & Official Video Shares


Alabama-based modern rock band Shallow Side have just issued their debut studio offering, the 6-song “One” EP via Thermal Entertainment, to a wildly appreciative fanbase and rock fanatics everywhere. The Shallow Side sound and vibe are ones founded on the attitude of pure undiluted rock ‘n roll and giving those selfsame fans great music that they can thoroughly enjoy. The band has been actively building that support since their inception in 2010 and now vocalist Eric Boatright, bassist/guitarist Cody Hampton, guitarist/keys Seth Trimble and drummer Heath Fields are poised to thrill them with this new release. Chock full of southern rock-infused music that’s both bluesy and melodic, Shallow Side are reaching for the brass ring with their latest batch of groove-fueled, powerfully appealing songs. Loudwire voted the band Best New Artist of 2016 and they have already been racking up awards this year at Rockwired Radio’s reader’s poll for Best Band, Best Song, and Best Video.

Things begin here with the straight-forward, mid-tempo stomp of opening cut “We Roll“, an anthemic multi-purposed ode to unity through rock music and perhaps even a bit of an homage to the University Of Alabama’s classic battle cry, “Roll Tide!”. The song’s upbeat, let-the-good-times-roll approach, super cool hooks and relatable lyrics serve up a smooth tune right off the line. Things ratchet up quite a bit with the backwoodsy-blues of the opiate-like “Rebel” (streaming below), a quick fix of fan-friendly sonics laden with some profanity, drug references and undeniable kick ass swagger. The third song here comes as an unexpected surprise, a superb rendition of the Styx classic “Renegade“, one of my faves from the rock legends. The guys stick pretty close to the original’s template but deliver it with a much more aggressive edginess intact. They do deviate a bit in the mid-section and inject some modern elements that work absolutely righteously with the song overall as you can hear for yourself in the guys’ Official Video for it below.

The fourth song, “Fight Or Flight“, is definitely one of the stand-outs of the EP, one fueled with energized guitars and a very catchy arrangement. Chunky riffs propel it for the most part while the melodic choruses just lay into you to where you’ll revel in them without hesitation. “Can You Hear Me” is one of the more commercially-driven songs, it is alluring and invites you to get active right along with its sedate rhythms and magnetic grooves, along with its stellar vocal performance. The EP-ending “Start A Fire” is one of the more experimentally-enhanced tracks, a sure fire (heh) radio hit if you ask me. It’s constructed on an almost hypnotic rhythmic approach, bolstered with varying electronic touches and holds a flawlessly amazing vocal delivery. The latter possessing an almost church spiritual-like quality in its being, one that translates well throughout the song and gives it an even stronger unfurling as the song plays out.

Make no mistake, Shallow Side have arrived with their vastly approachable content on their debut, the “One” EP and I can easily see them rocketing to rock and roll stardom with the appeal of their music. If you like the modern rock of such bands as Saving Abel, 12 Stones, or Theory Of A Deadman then without a doubt Shallow Side is for you! 


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