Review: THE SKULL – ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ [Album Stream]

The Skull; which features members of iconic doom metal bands Trouble, Witch Mountain and Cathedral have returned with what could quite possibly be my favorite album of the year! Forming in 2012 ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ is the band 2nd studio album. Their debut studio album ‘ For Those Which Are Asleep’ was released in 2014. Both albums have been released via Tee Pee Records.  ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ released on September 7th, 2018.

From the first riff on opening track “The Endless Road Turns Dark” you know that you’re traveling down familiar traditional doom metal territory! With it’s gargantuan riffs and steady rhythm section to the soaring vocals of the voice of doom himself (Eric Wagner) this is an immediately captivating opening track! “Ravenswood” comes next and it is the shortest song on the album clocking in at 3:52. This track is the most reminiscent of classic ‘Trouble’ with it’s galloping/ chug riffage mixed quite competently with a melodic touch. The drumming on this one is very precise and keeps the song interesting while helping to move everything along at a good pace! “Breathing Underwater” is definitely one of the highlights on the “The Endless Road Turns Dark.” It walks a fine line between depressive doom and 60’s/70’s psychedelia! While the solo is short it’s insanely catchy and requires multiple listens, top that off with Eric Wagner’s depressive voice, this song easily becomes a masterpiece! Aside from the that, the song that is my favorite is “As the Sun Draws Near.” This song is a straight rocker that wouldn’t have been out of place on early Trouble albums. It’s got a swinging riff and rhythm section to match coupled with harmonious riff changes and powerful vocals and lyrics. This song needs to become a live staple of the band! ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ is exactly what you’d hope for when doom metal icons collide! It’s heavy, hard hitting, aggressive and beautiful all at once! The Skull have successfully managed to release a modern metal classic!


‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ track listing:

01. The Endless Road Turns Dark
02. Ravenswood
03. Breathing Underwater
04. The Longing
05. From Myself Depart
06. As the Sun Draws Near
07. All That Remains (Is True)
08. Thy Will Be Done


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