Review: THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY – ‘Stygian’ [Official Videos]

Just 4 days ago on the 24th of November death metal/core act The Modern Age Slavery released their third studio album called ‘Stygian’ via Innerstrength Records. Coming from the widely praised 2013 album ‘Requiem For Us All’ and starting with their 2008 debut album ‘Damned To Blindness’ they have really shown to step up their game every single time, especially this one. Check it out!

Let’s first talk about the track ”Miles Apart”. Besides being released via their own youtube channel on the 17th of November it is the only song of the album ‘Stygian’ that has claimed an official music video for itself. But when going in-depth you will notice the irresistible guitar & drum riffs alongside the dark yet truly amazing vocal style of Box. So if you are looking for a song that combines death metal/core with black metal ”Miles Apart” is exactly what you are looking for!

”The Theory Of Shadows” is certainly not one to ever forget. Just when the hard hitting lyrics were about to leave the mind blowing combination between the vocal techniques and the guitar riffs are already starting to make their way into your mind. Watch the official lyric video here!

Last but not least is ”Sandblasted Skin” which is the 9th and last song of the album but it is a very special one because it is a cover.  Not just a cover, it is a freaking Pantera cover! How awesome is that? Never before have I seen a death metal/core band cover a track from a band so different. Yet it works out perfectly, who would have thought that? I really love The Modern Day Slavery for this. Another reason for you to pick up the record, do it here!

How insane was that ride? I have listened to a bunch of death bands combining the best aspects of death metal and death core but I have never come across an act talented enough to succussfully combine death metal, death core and black metal. You can literally enjoy this album with just the instruments or even with only the vocals. It is that good. But together they create this dark atmospheric place that feels like home. I really can’t stop talking about The Modern Day Slavery because they are good in every way in my eyes and I hope that the just released album ‘Stygian’ and this article will get them the publicity they deserve!

if you haven’t gotten the album yet order it here!

The Modern Day Slavery:

Box- Vocals
Cocco – Guitar
Ludo – Guitar
Mibbe – Bass
Fede – Drums

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