Review: THE ELEPHANT PARALLAX – ‘Loam & Sky’ [Tracks Streaming]

Loam & Sky,” the forthcoming release by San Fernando Valley, California prog outlet, THE ELEPHANT PARALLAX, is the follow up to their May 2010 self titled release. This EP ‘Loam & Sky’ is taking all of the elements of their first release and maximizing them in prolific fashion; combining aspects of funk, sludge, and progressive instrumentals, THE ELEPHANT PARALLAX aim to bring genre defying, mind opening melodies that will have you at attention the entire twenty four minutes you listen to it.


The opening track, “The Conscious,” pairs the allegrissimo drumming tempos with atmospheric guitars and choppy bass lines as provided by Paul Charouhas, David Renteria, and Paul Charouhas. All three members provide vocals on the EP to help tell the stories of microcosmic thoughts and dreams portrayed through the lyrics. The second track, “Star Stuff,” keeps it going with atmospheric vocals that portray the earthly lows that are discovered in the early listening of the EP, combined with low, sludgy guitar tones and allegro style tempos. The intro of, “Incenfeminalgia II,” brings eerie suspense and soft tones of guitar to provide the thought provoking side of music in this track filled with conflict and resolution, transitioning into the later portions of the song filled with rapid fire drums and guitar riffs, showing off the musicianship and songwriting capability that this band possess. 

  It’s no secret that THE ELEPHANT PARALLAX have showed that they will only continue to grow musically over time. Providing all the components of a prog/funk outlet with amazing storytelling and music that brings almost visual representations of divine highs and dramatic lows, this EP is sure to please and will leave a mark for the California underground prog scene.




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