Review: STEW – ‘Hot’ EP [Album Stream]


Like dusting off an old vinyl from years past, Stew is influenced by 60’s and 70’s rock n roll. The band formed in early 2017 and has been cranking out great classic rock and blues for us all to enjoy. From some crossroad in Sweden, Stew is a power-trio of Markus Asland plucking the bass and handling  the vocal duties, Nicklas Jansson shredding the guitar, and Nicklas Dahlgren pounding the drums. Their new EP, ‘Hot’ just released on June 1, 2018. It’s a hard and heavy, balls to the wall rock EP. The band isn’t wasting any time as they have already began work on a full length record and plan to enter the studio sometime in beginning of 2019 to start recording. 


There’s nothing more exciting than delving into an album or EP that you know its going to showcase old school rock and blues. The first track, “Might Be Keeping You” sets the whole mood for the EP. The song starts out with some major riffage from Nicklas Jansson. The fat and fuzzy tone from the guitar will take you back to the rock of the late 60’s. The drums sounds huge. The recording of the snare really give it a nice fat pop. The bass was kept simple for this song but adds punch to the bottom end of the bass drum. The vocals are off the charts. Asland is a champion in the way he belts our the lyrics. The next track “If This Will Be The End” mellows out the unreal sound of the first track. This is where your hunger for blues will be satisfied. Jansson’s tone is again impeccable. His guitar barely has some overdrive and he’s probably using a tube amp. Such a warm sound. Asland is still belting out on this tune but only in certain spots. He really showcases how well his voice blends with both blues and rock. Dahlgren is really laying into those drums on this one. Not too much but just the right amount of craziness to give the song an extra attack. The last track, “Dig For Gold” has some more incredible riffage going on. Jansson and Asland are both shredding on guitar and bass respectfully. The vocals are insane on this. He’s wailing and it takes the song from proficient to distinguished. Dahlgren all the while still laying down those rhythmic beats on the drums. This is everything a classic rock fan could ask for. A bit of blues, a bit of rock. Some killer guitar parts, awesome vocals, and banging drums. I definitely can’t recommend this EP enough. Go and experience this amazing madness for yourself.

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