Review: SILVERSTEIN – “Dead Reflection”

Once more, the band SILVERSTEIN brings a brand new album to life with a list full of very solid and enjoyable tracks. The band originated in 2000 in Burlington, Ontario Canada and consists of vocalist Shane Told, lead guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau, rhythm guitarist Josh Bradford, bassist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler. Since that year, they have released 8 albums, 3 EPs and one DVD/CD. Currently signed to Rise Records, their newest album, ‘Dead Reflection‘, offers the same sound SILVERSTEIN has had for years. But this time, this album seems a bit heavier that most.

Album Cover Art

After the first track last look, comes the three early releases they posted on YouTube. One of which being ‘Lost Perspectives‘. This song is probably my favorite off of the album, simply because the vocals, melodies, and harmonies mix so well in the song. The unclean vocals are in just the right places, and it doesn’t overpower the song because this song definitely is vocal-centric with cleans.

The second track I want to highlight is ‘Mirror Box‘. This track shows the tamer side, more ballad style SILVERSTEIN. The verses have a really nice swing with the vocals, having a very similar rhythm throughout the song. Then the chorus really brings the power in the vocals department. There is a lot of range in the few simple lines being sung but it coalesces the verses together nicely. The break before the last chorus has an emotional overload coming from Shane as his voice breaks nicely at the end of the uncleans.

Finally the last track I want to highlight is ‘Wake Up‘. The song starts with a very haunting guitar picking pattern and vocal harmony. About a minute into the song, it picks up a bit with a backing vocal and drum beat. A slightly distorted guitar softly plays behind all of this. This gives the track a slight edge as if to help build the sound. After the second chorus the music takes a hard left and Told shows us his emotional screaming talent again as an almost choral vocal track sings the chorus behind the screaming. The track ends with the atmospheric guitar pattern it began with.

In Summary, most of the tracks are full speed ahead with small stops along the way and a very very completing ending track and i think that’s what SILVERSTEIN has captured in this album. The music can be fast and loud but a good album, in my opinion, needs a fulfilling end and this album definitely did that.

Pre-Order ‘Dead Reflectionhere.

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