Review: SHIT THE COW – ‘When in Caracas’ [EP Stream]

Shit The Cow is a band of Swedish rockers set out to explore the limitations of their own universe, and from what I’ve heard there are no limits on what this band can do. The bands risk taking when it comes to sound has really developed their music into something new. They are conquering uncharted territory and inventing sound as they go. They’ve done what is classified as “rock disco” on their 2012 release ‘Volume/Cow’ before moving on to a more garage rock sound on 2013’s ‘Salt Of The Earth’. Then they evolved into a more punk feel with 2014’s ‘Rissna’ before moving to more darker elements on “67p” in 2015. ‘One With The Devil’ released in 2016 was one of my top 10 favorite releases. The band has defined their sound as “Scrapyard Rock” and it’s very fitting. The band simply takes inspiration from all over and juxtaposes their sound. The band had released 5 EP’s and then 2017 saw the release of their first full length ‘Cavelord’. Shit The Cow wastes no time writing and recording and the band is releasing yet another EP on December 14th, 2018 titled ‘When in Caracas’. 


“Venganza” is the introduction to this ep and it wastes no time accelerating. The cymbal heavy drumming and riffs create the up tempo vibe for the track. For a duration of the song the vocals almost sound like spoken word, but when the chorus comes along its more melodic and very catchy. The one moment that truly sticks out is this isolated drum beat. Everything else goes silent just for a span of 10-20 seconds and you get this lone drum beat that just makes you want to rewind and hear it over and over again. The next track “First Punk” does take something from its name as it carries a bit of a punk vibe. The vocals on this track are much more screaming that melodic singing. There is a ton of aggression and the tempo remains at the top of the speedometer. You also have to note that all the songs on the EP are just under two minutes. So the entire EP is less than 8 minutes long, but Shit The Cow has cranked up the speed and is fitting as much into those 2 minutes as possible. “V Is For Victory” maintains the punk vibe but again the vocal tone changes slightly. There isn’t any harsh vocals in this track, the vocals are melodic and have a very appealing flow. The instrumentation on this track is what truly sticks out with the guitars and drums battling for the spotlight. The final track on the album is “Ett litet bidrag till bröllopet “, the title may throw you off a bit but the songs lyrics are in English just like the rest of the album. This track has a good mixture of both vocal styles allowing the some harmony with the melodic style and then coming in at just the right moments with a raw angry scream to add some aggression to the song.

Shit The Cow seems to change their sound on each release, sometimes drastically and sometimes very minimal. On ‘When In Caracas’ the band goes with more of a punk vibe which isn’t a far cry from their previous garage rock or scrapyard sound. Progression is a big part of a bands growth and Shit The Cow keeps their sound interested by always evolving and morphing their sound taking it to another level. It’s a short and sweet EP that will have your foot tapping and head banging.


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