Review: Shit The Cow ‘One With The Devil’ [Stream]


Shit The Cow is a band of Swedish rockers set out to explore the limitations of their own universe, and from what I’ve heard there are no limits on what this band can do. The bands risk taking when it comes to sound has really developed their music into something new. They are conquering uncharted territory and inventing sound as they go. They’ve done what is classified as “rock disco” on their 2012 release ‘Volume/Cow’ before moving on to a more garage rock sound on 2013’s ‘Salt Of The Earth’. Then they evolved into a more punk feel with 2014’s ‘Rissna’ before moving to more darker elements on “67p” in 2015. The band has defined their sound as “Scrapyard Rock” and it’s very fitting. The band simply takes inspiration from all over and juxtaposes their sound.


Shit The Cow really get things going quick with their first track “Warcow”. Lead singer Pete has a voice that is quite unique and that first track just teases you with his style. “Warcow” is a quick track under two minutes. “Warcow” is just a tease of what is to come. The song has a rapid rhythm that really kick starts the album. Following that is the title track “One With The Devil”, this track has some of the most appealing guitar riffs I’ve heard in a while. The song has this overwhelming groove that just wraps you up like a warm blanket. For portions of the song it feels like Pete Soderberg’s vocals are at a distance, and then during the slowed down chorus his voice takes on this deep whisper. That chorus feels like it’s being sang right into your ear and makes for this incredibly kick ass experience. “El Chupacabra” is next with it’s really grungy type feel. The song takes on this slowed down pace. The guitars have this really fuzzed out garage rock style that works well. Moments into the song we hear this beautiful female voice singing along as well. The beautiful harmony in her voice contrasting with the dirty grungy rock really takes the song to another level. If I didn’t believe in the Chupacabra before, I sure do now. “IGGY” really showcases the bands alternative sound. The six tracks on this album show the vastness in style and sound that is Shit The Cow. Their range is wide but defined. ‘The One With The Devil’ is a journey you take with just your ears, never knowing which direction this band will take you and where it will end.

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