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I’ve always said that the best music is sometimes harder to find. Well today i’ve been proven wrong. The best thing that can ever happen is when an amazing new band and album is essentially delivered directly to my front door. That’s what happened to me when singer/guitarist Aaron Williams sent me the new album ‘Ursa Minor’ by his band Red Cloud. The album was released independently by the band on May 24th, 2016. The band was formed in 2012 in Eugene, Oregon. This album is a follow up to 2013’s ‘The Cloud’s Sound EP’. Red Cloud just adds to the list of amazing bands that call the state of Oregon home. The band has this refreshing sound that gives them this overwhelming listen-ability. The straddle the fence when it comes to declaring them hard rock or metal. There are stoner rock and psychedelic elements in there but they have so much more to offer that you can’t really classify them with a few measly words.

Red Cloud - Ursa Minor

Red Cloud – Ursa Minor

The very first track “Mountain” began and less than a minute in they had my 100% attention. A touch of feedback and the guitar starts racing through the beginning of the song. Unlike other modern bands they don’t make you wait long to get a taste of the vocals. The song really has great hooks and you will find yourself singing along on the first listen. “Mountains” is composed amazingly in every way. The guitar, bass and drums are all on point. “Rust” really brings that psychedelic sound to the album. When you hear the guitar riffs in this song you will understand exactly what I mean. Aaron’s vocals really remind me of some 90’s alternative (and that is a good thing). The guitar parts are really the driving force behind the band’s sound, but at the same time they aren’t pushing the other instruments out of the spotlight either. The band showcases several different styles throughout the 8 tracks on the album. The final song “Sick Eagle” is probably my favorite song on the LP. It has these heavy chugging riffs and then the high pitched psychedelic guitar play as well that just brings a smile to my face. It’s one of those songs you will probably listen to 3-4 times in a row (I know I did). The music is all over the place and has many varying elements, but the vocals remain constant and really keep the album grounded. The guitar parts by Aaron Williams and Dennis Medina are tremendous while not becoming too flashy. I like to refer to it as the “no bullshit riffs”, they get in there shred through the job they’ve came to do and call it a day. From the opening track to the last second of the final track is a listener’s paradise. There is no filler in this album. I highly suggest you purchase this album on their Bandcamp page at the lovely can’t pass it up price of $6.66. ‘Ursa Minor’ will certainly make my top albums of the 2016 list.


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