Nuclear Oath is a heavy hitting metal band from Medicine Hat, Alberta. The 5-member group will release ‘Toxic Playground’ on June 9th, 2017. It is a follow-up to their EP ‘Ashes of the Unborn’, which was released February 26, 2016.

They’ve stated that their intention is to create an experience for the listener where everyone takes away something different from the band.

“We feel it is an aggressive album from start-to-finish, which generates different emotions as the album progresses.” says the band. Nothing is more poignant than the title track being the last song written. Bassist Nathanael Bohnet is quoted: “This is the title track off the album and also the last song we wrote for the album. We wanted to aim to make the track as hard hitting as possible with it still maintaining a strong structure. Overall, we feel this song properly captures the feel of the entire album, musically and lyrically.”

The band is steadily becoming known for their interactive live performances in which fans have become part of the show. One example is a show played at Olys Ale House in their local Medicine Hat. The “postage stamp” size stage meant only the drummer (Brandon Sauer) and vocalist (Pete Mercer) were on stage, while the guitarists (Zach Brandham & Nick Litowski) and bassist (Nathanael Bohnet) played from the floor. At one point Pete motioned for the fans to come closer and that’s when all hell broke loose!

Pete wrote for MetalUnderground that: “It got so crazy that myself got jabbed with the base headstock, tangled with guitar player Zack (we always get tangled haha) and even the long hair caught on some tuning nobs, but again still keep the energy, kept getting in peoples faces and screaming and pushing them. With them also pushing back an grabbing the mic and screaming also, love that shit, beers spilt with tangled wires, oh an I even got knocked down and sang some of the chorus on the ground and helped back up just to get knocked around again, I love the energy this band gives off.”


Into the Depths Of Hatred: The first song on the album opens with a gentle guitar that slowly builds in volume until it dives into screaming vocals. Everything about it reminds me of what you’d expect to hear in the classic 1980’s punk movie Suburbia.

“Razor Blade Regrets”: Would anyone be shocked to learn that this song is about suicide? Yeah, didn’t think so. But, in a very odd way it reminds me of the old school punk days where the most un-pc topics were sung about and no one blinked an eye. Let me tell you, this song is a beast! Don’t listen to it while driving – you’ll head-bang your way into a car crash.

“Toxic Playground”: Rounding up the album is this thundering, bombastic track that lets loose in every way. It has a dark and methodic opening that, like “Into the Depths of Hatred”, slowly builds until the vocals explode in your face.


NUCLEAR OATH is: Guitar/backing vocals: Nick Litowski, Guitar: Zack Brandham, Drums: Brandon Sauer, Bass/backing vocs: Nathanael Bohnet, Vocals: Pete Mercer


  1. Into The Depths Of Hatred (4:10)
  2. Confessions (3:18)
  3. Forsaken Wasteland (3:25)
  4. Ambushed (5:11)
  5. Faith Let Go (3:30)
  6. Razor Blade Regrets (3:35)
  7. Sacrifice The Fallen (5:05)
  8. Toxic Playground (4:15)
  9. Blind (4:18)

(Bonus Track) There Goes The Neighbourhood (5:15) (Remixed and Remastered from 2016 EP Ashes of The Unborn)

Album Length: 42:07




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