Review: FALLING IN REVERSE – ‘Coming Home’ [Album Stream]

Falling In Reverse was formed in 2008, the band was founded by former Escape The Fate lead singer, Ronnie Radke. Since then, the group has produced 3 albums such as ‘The Drug in Me is You’ in 2011, ‘Fashionably Late’ in 2013, and ‘Just Like You’ in 2015. All of the bands albums have been released via Epitaph Records. Fans flock to see Falling In Reverse perform live and they can often be seen gracing the stage at the Vans Warped tour as they have played the festival in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 and will be on the lineup again this year.

Falling in Reverse’s new album, ‘Coming Home’, has caught our eye as of lately. It released April 7, 2017 again via Epitaph Records. It is the first album to feature lead guitarist Christian Thompson and bassist Zakk Sandler. It was produced by Radkey and Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Static-X, Stone Temple Pilots) Earlier this year, the band released the title track “Coming Home” and is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song features an atmospheric ambiance further explaining the seemingly space themed album art . The music itself has electronic accents and simple but driving guitar riffs. In this piece, the melody flows so nicely in the verses as well as the chorus showing the power of Radke’s vocals. His voice seems to crack into a scream when he hits his upper register notes, especially in the outro, which is one of my personal favorite parts.

The next song that caught my eye was “Superhero”. This track features a very boom-bastic drum beat as well as a deeper sounding guitar rhythm. It also contains a sing-along type intro and the same structure can be heard through various parts of the track. The chorus has a very catchy sound and melody. This track really shows off Radke’s clean vocals nicely and shows the amazing variance in his tone.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album front to back. The concluding track “Straight To Hell” was one of the best overall songs on the release. It brings that familiar post-hardcore sound. And yes I do use that genre label VERY loosely. The drums really stand out here; they were very tight in the bass drum section and the fills really shows the experience the drummer has. The guitar solo sometimes seems like a lost art and with some bands breakdowns seem to be more important. So I really cherish the solo they included on this song, it really brought everything together for me. The vocals had a perfect mix of semi-cleans and just straight cleans. I’m personally a fan of the false chord screaming in the upper ranges of vocals, so it was a welcomed addition to the conclusion to ‘Coming Home’. Overall I really enjoyed the album. The style change, was a welcomed one. Bands change, that’s all there is to it, but in this scenario it seems to have changed in a positive manner. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


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