Review: Disillusion Effect – ‘Behold The Inevitable Beast’ [Album Stream]

Disillusion Effect was conceived from the remains of the now-defunct Morgantown, West Virginia band Diabolus, Disillusion Effect swept across the Mountain State quickly and ruthlessly following its inception in the summer of 2012, screaming, chugging, and rumbling its way through the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. The band’s first release came in form of a single with the track, “Dawn of Our Unmaking,” produced by Morgantown, W. Va., musician Aristotle Jones. The single immediately opened the eyes to fans all around the mountain state and surrounding areas. The band then moved on to record and release a self-titled EP, produced by Mark Poole of Zone 8 Recording Studios. After the release of the EP just as the band was charging forward their drummer left the band, leaving them to use programmed drums for a period of time. The band then decided to take a DIY approach on their full length album ‘Behold the Inevitable Beast’ and then send to Jay Hannon (Byzantine, Gods Below Us) at 7 Over 8 Recording Studios for mastering. The full length was released on October 1, 2015. It was around this time that guitarist and a founding member Jimmy Rhodes had to leave the band, but before leaving the band he handpicked his replacement ensuring that the band would continue on. So joins “Big” Ed Green to the fold and with him came his drummer in the band The Kafka Machine, Aubra “Adam” Cole. Now Disillusion Effect was whole once again. While we are just now unveiling to you this amazing body of work the band is already in writing and recording process for another release titled ‘Achluophobic’ which doesn’t have a release date as of yet, so get acquainted with this album while we await yet another brutal assault from these West Virginia natives.

Album art painted by Lewis Morris with contributions by Dan Smolira

Disillusion Effect doesn’t beat around the bush at all. The track “An Offering to the Fire Mountain” slingshots you directly pure aggressive heaviness. The style in which they play could be categorized as new wave of American heavy metal, think bands like Lamb Of God, Devildriver, and God Forbid. You at times can also hear some other elements within their sound that may remind you of the Swedish metal legends At The Gates. The band certainly has some similarities with those bands, but they also have some differing elements that sets them apart as well. Vocalist Christopher Rabideau has a gut wrenching pitch that echoes pure terror and hatred. This opening track certainly shows everything he can do as his vocals take a variation of speeds, and tones. “Grail Of Madness” starts out a little different than the previous mentioned track. This song has waves of groove and machine gun drumming that really help the song achieve an onslaught of brutality. The guitar work really spoils us with the intricate riffing throughout the song, even proficiently killing a solo for a portion of the song. One of the keys to the bands successful style is how the vocals contrast within each song. “Out For Blood” starts out with some really thrashy riffs and gives the whole song a overwhelming thrash vibe. Again the vocals on this song stand out. You get these high pitched squeals and then moving on you get this low baritone like howl. The bands ability to mix things up keeps their music from becoming stagnant. There is nothing worse than a band or album where every song sounds the same, and you get none of that here. Each song can truly stand on its own and is unique from the others on the record. Not only is Disillusion Effect representing the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia, but their sound is true example of what New Wave of American Heavy Metal should be. If you are a fan of all things heavy I guarantee you will fall in love with this album… So go get you an earful right now.

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