Review: DARKEST HORIZON – ‘Aenigmata’ [Official Video]

Darkest Horizon is back with a brand new album called ‘Aenigmata’ after having released 3 beautiful albums in the past. All the way from ‘Shattered Skies’ which got released in 2011 to their 2014 record ‘The Grand Continuum’ they have served us with dark and symphonic unholyness and with ‘Aenigmata’ they have proven that they can take their roots to the next level!

If you love dark and symphonic metal this entire album is just for you and especially the intro track ”Omnipotence Paradox” will be of your taste. With the fast and extremely heavy undertone that gets supported by the blackish vocals ”Omnipotence Paradox” is near complete. All that it is missing is a venue filled with people. This isn’t music like Beartooth or even Slayer where you must go wild, this is a totally different experience. They take you on a ride through some event that happened a long time ago. You aren’t exactly in it either, you are on the outside watching. And that is something only bands like Darkest Horizon can create.

”The Lunar Effect” is the 4th song of ‘Aenigmata’ and probably my favorite one of the whole album. Even though it is shorter than the rest it most certainly doesn’t contain any less brutalness. The opposite in fact. It is layered in such a great way, just when you have had enough of an element the next one takes its place on the exact right time. And when he screams ”The Luner Effect” out loud the gates have finally opened. Such a well written song by an even better band!

The only thing it was missing so far was a music video but luckily that is where ”Cryonics” comes in. It is an opportunity to see every member at their best. And most of all, to get an even better feeling at what it might sound/look like live. I have been to multiple symphonic shows in the past yet I am super excited to see Darkest Horizon at work. Just like with the intro track there is something bands like these are able to create that nothing else even comes close to. The vibe is near indescribable. And the vocal change makes it all so much better. At the perfect moment the tide turns and so do the breathtaking vocals. Can’t wait to witness all this live!

Darkest Horizon:

Aurelius Lie (Vocals)
Olli Sattler (Guitars)
Daniel Baum (Guitars)
Christian Mühlbauer (Keys)
Jonas Heinzel (Bass)
Vincent Haas (Drums)

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