Review: ALL HAIL THE YETI – ‘Highway Crosses’ [Partial Album Stream]

A product of Los Angeles, California All Hail The Yeti formed in 2006. The band has released two full length albums, their self titled debut in 2012 followed by ‘Screams from a Black Wilderness’ in 2016 which was produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Machine Head). The band creates a southern-sludgy stoner rock that electrifies listeners. The band is influences by iconic NOLA legends like Acid Bath and Eye Hate God and also a touch of the sunset strip with Motley CrueAll Hail The Yeti is now preparing to release their third studio album ‘Highway Croses’. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by three-time Grammy winning producer Warren Riker who is well recognized for his work with metal artists such as Down, Cathedral, Korn and Crowbar, as well as mainstream names such as The Fugees, Mary j. Blige, Santana and more. ‘Highway Crosses’ releases on November 16th via Minus Head Records.


The very first track on the album “Nuclear Dust” immediately shows off the bands high octane tempo. The song is also the lead single from the album which the band has released a video for as well. Connor Garritty gritty and harsh vocals lead the charge and later comes Nicholas Diltz in with the clean vocals. The mixture of these two vocal styles is perfect. There is just enough of each to balance everything out. You can hear a hint of influence from Mastodon on this track with its progressive vibe. The song is catchy and has those hooks that just keep you wanting to hit the back button as soon as the song concludes just to hear it again. Songs like “See You Never” have Nicholas taking the lead to being the song, and other songs like “Withdrawl Delirium” Connor’s vocals dominate your ear drums from the first seconds of the track. “Withdrawl Delirium” is one of the heavier tracks on the album and Nicholas providing backing vocals here just fits so perfectly in the song. The riffs are eclectic and the bass creates a thundering groove. “Seymour Avenue” is a song that has to be talked about. The track begins with the voice of Amanda Berry calling 911. Berry had been held captive by a man for 10 years in Cleveland, Ohio. The lyrics are inspired by this tragic story. “Chained to the wall all alone, she’s shaking” and “Is there someone to save me, so cold, memories are covered with scars. Don’t say his name, just fight through the pain.” I think its incredible they used this real world tragedy and was inspired to write a song about it. The lyrics really capture your attention and make your skin crawl at the same time realizing that these events aren’t fiction. “World Is Cold” is a little more on the doom side for the All Hail The Yeti. The riffs are much thicker and drawn out. The song “Neck Tie Party” has a thrash based riff and leads directly into Connor’s screams. The drumming provided by Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz really keeps this song connected. The brief momentum changes in the track are always centered around the drums and it melds perfectly. Other tracks like “Slow Season” will instantly have you singing along to some parts while banging your head at other points. This is an album you just let play through and never hit the skip button.

Just when you thought All Hail The Yeti couldn’t get any better they bring us this new album. They have somehow found the perfect formula for composing the perfect mixture of harsh and clean vocals. With most bands one overly dominates the other, but that isn’t the case here. While the vocal abilities of Connor and Nicholas are staples in the All Hail The Yeti sound the guitar work, drums and bass all holds its ground and provides everything the vocals need to shine. ‘Highway Crosses’ is all thriller no filler, front to back the best album so far this year.


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