Review: AETHERE – ‘Adrift’ [Full Album Stream]

Black metal band Aethere has been under the radar for quite some time but their latest album ‘Adrift’ is going to make a change to that. They formed in 2009 when drummer Josh Slater and former guitarist Garrett Wasson started playing together and recorded a demo with 3 songs on it. Aethere has not been sitting still, they have been touring a lot. If you are from Northern Carolina and you attent local shows you may have already seen this masterpiece of a band perform live. After this they began making new music such as their debut album ‘Wave Existence’. The track ”Oblivion” got released and got 20.000 views just under a month from it’s release date. This album got followed up by the EP ‘Demons’ (2012) that got produced by Bob Swanson. After creating new music the band decided to tour again and play at the local shows. Some time after they decided to release the EP ‘Past And Present’ that got released in 2014. After playing on huge death metal festivals with bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Psycroptic and Fallujah the band finally got the attention it deserved. People started to discover the band and noticed the wide varied of influences Aethere has. This year, 28th of April they came back to release yet another great album called ‘Adrift’ via Tragic Hero Records.

The song ”Genesis” is the perfect song to start with. It shows you everything the band is capable of doing. Blackened vocals to riffs with rhythm changes as their second name. It is over 6 minutes long but it will be over before you know it. It is so chock-full with different vocal styles, guitar riffs and rhymth changes it will blow your mind. If you want to experience metalcore, black metal, death metal and hardcore this is the song you listen to!

”Rot” may be the most emotional and touching song from the album. The black metal vocals are screaming like which gives you the feeling that the person is reaching out for help. The person is in a bad place and it needs to get out. I’m sure we can all relate to a situation or place where you didn’t feel happy or welcome at all. Or a moment where you felt lifeless, like you didn’t feel the need to get out of bed and the need to be in the day. This is just 1 song but it has way more vibes to it. Just like the way they sound, they have well mixed metalcore, black metal and death metal into something unique sounding.

If you thought that this band wasn’t covering enough genres yet you are wrong. ”Suffering // Departure” adds one to the list. Depressive black metal can safely be added to this song. The lyrics are depressive and dark and the atmosphere will tell you the same. Out of nowhere, just a little before the ending it rapidly changes, the vocals soften down and the riffs suddenly will go slow and even more emotional. The sound of water running down will make you wonder about life. Do we die? Do we have a purpose? Taking a closer look at this song will make you wonder.

Where to start, where to start. The album ‘Adrift’ is one of the only albums I know that features such a wide variety of metal genres. Even genres I thought wouldn’t sound good together but they  made it work. It fits perfectly and it’s almost starting to create a whole different genre on it’s own. I hope more people will listen to this and get inspired to create music with so many completely different vibes, tones, lyrics and vocal styles. It opens up many doors for musicians to create something of their own and that’s exactly what Aethere did and they crushed it! Every aspect that they have chosen to include in their record has been top-noth, no band could possiblit be compared to Aethere!

If your music taste is as diverse as mine you definitely need to check this band out, they may not be big right now but they will be before you know it. Click HERE to buy this glorious record!

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