PUPPY – ‘The Goat’ [Album Review + Video Stream]


There have been few bands to have such a powerful breakthrough album such as Puppy have. The UK based rockers have experienced their fair share of success in their respective country but now their infectious disease of tones and melodies is starting to spread stateside, and we have your inside scoop on the hottest young group of Brits in the word right now. Their long-awaited debut album, “The Goat,” is set to release everywhere via Spinefarm Records on January 25th. This group has demonstrated a multitude of experimentation in their music and their debut effort is nothing short of jaw-dropping. A combination of earth-shattering riffs, earworm melodies, and their go-it-alone, can-do attitude is a testament to their drive to succeed. In a world full of modern rock copycats, these guys just have something.. these guys HAVE that, “IT,” factor that a lot of young artists strive to have. It’s like these guys can hit you with the hardest left hook in the world on a riff and turn right around into a chorus that will make you helplessly smile and sing along. Frontman and guitarist Jock Norton explains that they love heavier bands that seem to have something smarter going on below the surface level of their music, “but we also love pretty dumb bands, too!”

            Getting their start at the turn of 2015, they had more of a garage-y sound in their mix. “We wanted to push the boat a little bit,” says frontman Jock. Deriving elements from their early inspirations such as Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Big Four of thrash metal, the group’s idiosyncratic sound is as unique as their own personalities, as well as their DIY-or-die approach to writing and producing. “The Goat,” began production processes in the summer of 2017 and the band quickly leapfrogged over every single expectation of the off. This is an album that cements their legacy as one of the hottest young bands out there with no one single high point. Each song is its own personality blended together almost seamlessly to create a product that one minute makes you feel like you’re in your childhood shredding out on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and then the next minute you’re driving down Malibu Beach in a convertible. Throughout all the work that was put into the album, frontman Jock Norton cites that after all, “we were just wanting to create something that excited us.”

The album begins with a clear and hard hitting stomp with, “Black Hole,” a riff driven intro that pulls you in closer with each second wondering, “how in the hell are they gonna top that intro?” Believe us. They did. Everything from that to the theatrics of, “Nightwalker,” and the lead single from the record, “World Stands Still,” which are filled with wild theatrics and sounds which are that of an action movie soundtrack, no stone is left unturned in the band’s desire to push boundaries and thoroughly succeed doing so. Above all else, at the end of the day these guys are simply embracing the fun inherent of Rock’s former heyday. “The Goat,” is a record that mindlessly and seamlessly flows throughout and dodges all convention and pretension with a fun-first attitude. 2019 will show major success for one of the country’s hottest new bands, and, take it from us, don’t sleep on these guys!



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