POETIC DESCENT Releases New Track Completing Online EP!

From Dayton, Ohio hail an newbie alternative metal band featuring former members of MAYFLY (Voluminous Records), and POETIC DESCENT have been already compared to genre defining bands like Finch, Story of the Year, Further Seems Forever, ChevelleIncubusDead Poetic, Project 86, Every Time I Die, Blindside, Beartooth and Norma Jean. Thus, giving an idea to the regular heavy music fan that POETIC DESCENT is not just any regular band, they are indeed something special. And special bands require to do special stuff to treat their special fans.

The band has released the last of the songs they have been drip feeding to the public. It is called “Identity“. With that done, POETIC DESCENT have completed the release of all six songs which together amalgamate to form an exclusive online EP.

So, Jared Lacey (vocals, guitar, bass) and Adam Thompson (drums) entered the Darkroom Recording Studio (Piqua, OH) to record six songs with Justin Moore shortly after MAYFLY announced its end in March of 2017. The band made the playlist, and called it ‘The Dark Room Sessions‘ as an exclusive streaming EP to commemorate their time in the studio with friend, and producer Justin Moore(not the country singer).  The band finally now have six tracks out which can be streamed exclusively on their website via the Spotify player.

All songs were composed by singer/guitarist Jared Lacey. The lyrics of the songs pan out on a wide array of themes, and it walks us through volatile and sensitive topics such as the existence of God, addiction, his mother’s death, domestic abuse, martyrdom and homosexuality. Not many bands continue to write on topics that has the potential to cause revolutions and where the lyrics actually make sense.

In the first few months of POETIC DESCENT‘s existence, they have been surprised by the radio success of their single “Close Encounter” which is currently floating comfortably in the top ten CHR/ROCK Billboard radio chart. Oh the irony burns hard here, it is so funny and humorous for a band that writes and questions the existence of God and the last thing they could’ve achieved was a slot in the top ten CHR/ROCK Billboard radio chart. But well they are a hit!

With that, the band had already been circulating demos between them and management. There are also plans to try and set up short tour runs before the year is out. If this momentum persists, you can expect to see POETIC DESCENT at open air festivals all across the country before too long. And to reach that level of fame, you gotta help the band by helping them stream the latest song, buy the record and attend the gigs. To make it a bit easy for you, we’ve put the new song, “Identity“, which came out just hot and new, for you to stream and see how it feels. You can also buy the track HERE!

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