The Survival Guide for a College Dorm Student

A lot of students in the US prefer living in dorms instead of renting apartments as it’s cheaper and more convenient to live on campus. For first-year students, moving to a dorm is a new experience, and it’s not often great. In case you want to discover how to survive in a college dorm, utilize the guide below.

Discover What to Expect

For starters, if you have no prior experience living in dorms, you need to do research. Ask your friends who already live in dorms, explore some blog posts, and watch videos to learn more about college dorms’ lifestyle and how to survive living there.

For sure, you will learn that, in most dorms, students are more likely to have fun than study. Consequently, most of them get help with assignments to hang out with friends and maintain a high college score with no fuss.

Purchase Earplugs and Eye Mask

If you’re used to falling asleep in a quiet environment, there is bad news for you. Dorms gather a lot of young people in one place. Most of them aren’t focused on healthy night sleep and education.

You have to be ready that your roommate can have all-nighters to pass an assignment till the past due. Also, your neighbors can have frequent parties.

Therefore, do not hesitate to purchase earplugs with an eye mask to sleep well at night. To wake up in the morning, buy a vibrating wristband with an inbuilt alarm. Also, smart-bands can track sleeping time and send regular reports. 

Respect your Roommate

Being respectful to others is one of the main rules for all students who live in dorms. Definitely, there shouldn’t be any piece of respect for those who don’t respect others or even steal. 

However, if you don’t want to turn your life in a dorm into a nightmare, you have to treat your roommate with respect and expect the same in response. 

For instance, if your mate asks you to turn off the light late at night, order an essay online to delegate your assignment to professionals. Thereby, both you and your roommate will go to sleep on time. Yet, you will also get your homework done with no hassle.

Don’t Break a Dorm’s Policies

That’s a well-known fact that all dorms have rules that all students have to follow. Moving to a dorm, you have to learn all the rules. Otherwise, you may be fined or most likely get dismissed from a dorm. If you’re eligible to consume alcohol, you have to avoid doing this in a dorm, unlike its allowed. 

Find a Quiet Place

Living in a dorm, you have to forget about privacy. Nevertheless, sometimes students want to stay alone and get rid of the everyday routine. Thereby, you will need to explore a dorm’s building and its outlying territories to find a secret place where you’ll be able to hide from everyone.

So that nobody will ask you, “Hey, can you do my math homework?” if you’re good at exact sciences. Also, this place can become your zen area to relax after a hard day.

Always Mark your Things

 A dorm is a public place, and your room as well. You have to share it with a roommate. It’s okay to use others’ pens, notebooks, and other things without permission. Therefore, do not hesitate to mark your toiletries and things that you don’t want others to take, even for a few minutes. Also, by marking your property, you will easily find your things if they get lost suddenly. 

Plan a Budget

Living in a dorm, you have to avoid splurges. It is a simple recommendation that is hard to follow. Being a college dorm student, you will always want to enhance your room, eat out instead of cooking meals in a shared kitchen, or purchase new gadgets.

The only way not to spend all your money in a few days is to plan a budget. You need to indicate all your approximate expenses for each month. In case your income is lower than your spendings, you have to reduce expenses or find a side hustle.

Note, students in the US are allowed to work 20 hours per week only. However, if your friends always ask you, “Can you write my essay now?” don’t be shy to help your acquaintances and earn some money. 

Make Friends and Have Fun

Doubtless, there is no need to spend all your time in a dorm studying. It’s vital to make new friends, enlarge your connections, and have fun. Feel free to hang out with your new friends. In case you don’t have free time, reach professional academic writers online and order top-grade assignments to free your schedule.

Top 3 Reasons To Live in Dorm

First of all, most teenagers choose dorms because it’s more affordable than renting an apartment. 

The second reason why teenagers choose dorms is the social opportunities and the ability to make many friends. It is hard to do that, spending all the time locked in your apartment. 

The third reason is a convenient location. There is no need to make long distances every day to attend a college and get back home after lectures, living in a dorm.

Album Review: ‘S/T’ – ABDUCTED

‘Self titled’ – ABDUCTED

What is up boys and girls and everyone on the gender spectrum? I hope the fall is treating you good. But if not, let me take care of that. And I shall do that today by throwing your way some bone crushing and ear shattering death metal from up north, Fairbanks, Alaska. Today, we bring to you the debut, full length record by ABDUCTED. There is some real deep connection with the icy cold north and death metal, isn’t it? Be it Swedish death metal, melodic death metal from Finland or the notorious first wave of black metal from Norway, an offshoot born out of death metal itself. No matter where they all fall on the wide array of the dissonant side of metal, they are exclusively special to itself and can kick abundant posers off the deck any day. And that is exactly what ABDUCTED successfully does on their debut offering, that is, mercilessly annihilate your petty ear drums. Let’s not beat around the bush and dissect this wonderful album.

Right off the hook, the band throws at you a massive, heavy and head-banging breakdown riff. Something in the range of slow tempo, that is perfect for building up the adrenaline as a prelude to the next songs. It is an absolute banger, it gets your feet stomping, and neck swaying in unison. Although, groovy, chugging or breakdowns get flak sometimes, they do get your head banging. I would say ABDUCTED perfectly nails the kick-off to this album. It sets the mood for a perfect incoming onslaught.

Second song titled, ‘Aberration‘ makes no excuses, no time for bull shitting around, and it just goes ‘BAM’! It’s like a charged up bull unleashed from its barn satiating its soaring adrenaline levels. You can immediately hear those double bass kicks going in hard, complimented by the hard crashing cymbals and not to mention the savory and grinding riff. Apart from the band’s vocalist doing a tremendous job on this one, we have our own homeboy Tyler Byrum laying down some sick, thick and morbid growls featuring as the first guest vocalist on the album. And he has done a great job filling that guest vocals spot, I think he has melded his vocals pretty well into the song. At about 2:54, everything just comes to a standstill for a second, and you know there’s something wicked the band had been brewing up for this next groove fest. And oh boy, what a juicy riff! You know I have a penchant for them grooves, the huge chuggs and breakdowns. And its not even halfway into the second song and ABDUCTED throws in my favorite gnarly, nasty and filthiest riff on the album. Drop tuned earth shattering guitars, that crash cymbal, coupled with the double bass and hard snare, each woven perfectly into each other, with the perfect timing results in a mouth watering section, that I would call my favourite in the album. The track then progresses into a frenzy fiesta and then fades into this another fist pumping breakdown.

There’s one really good trait that this album holds is that it is a very well balanced concoction of groove along the modern metal lines, some fierce and fast paced riffing as seen in songs like ‘Kerrigan‘, ‘Deadite‘ and ‘The Twin Princes‘ to name a few. A few guitar solos are also thrown in songs like ‘Indoctrination‘. The riff transitions in the album are also very well curated, they are swift, crisp and they all fit into the song perfectly, without any part in the song left out feeling like it doesn’t belong in the puzzle. And that, is what makes this album interesting. I believe more often that not, what modern/deathcore/djent bands end up doing is fail to meticulously cook the perfect broth. It is either too much of riff based chugs, or too much of just palm muted djent, or just enough of groove, and that’s what makes me yawn by the end of the album. Art in whatever form, I feel, should be well balanced, just like a diet. Like, I don’t wanna feed my ears 40 minutes of palm muted riffs, you know what I am saying.

ABDUCTED features some very thick growls, spawned directly from the crypts of hell. And as stated before, the vocalist manages to balance it out. Its not always the thick and dense growls but also the high pitched borderline screeching as well. Major props to second guest on vocals featured in ‘The Twin Princes‘, as he manages to not sway so much in vocal range and depth of his growls in the album from the band’s vocalist, so as to feel that the song doesn’t belong in the album. I must add that the vocals in the album fit perfectly in terms of the depth and heaviness when it comes to complimenting the riffing. I believe this is something very important in death metal. If your vocals sound like you’re just into puberty but your guitars are monstrous, then I might as well go ahead and just say that is pretty much bollocks.

The drumming in the album has been intense as well. The meandering nature of the drums from groove, to machine gun double bass to the cymbal work have been immaculate. The snare sound is just absolute favorite for my ears and to my liking. It’s crisp and hits hard. All in all, the band manages to tweak every aspect of their sound in this album to perfection. The guitars, vocals, drums and bass all match each other in terms of how much they compliment each other. Each ingredient has been perfectly engineered in the desired ratio to produce this beast of a debut record.

Stream the album down below. And if you like them enough, support them by giving yourself some really cool death metal on their bandcamp page and merch store.

Guide To Find An Online Tutor

Online tutors are a great companion when you are navigating your academic life. While you may have an excellent course instructor, they cannot be with you all the time and answer all the questions you have about your course. As a student, you need a professional who thoroughly understands the subject and can help you understand difficult topics. As a parent, finding an online tutor for your child might be the solution you need. Because you cannot solve all your child’s homework questions, finding an expert to help your child out is a great idea.

  1. Working with online businesses

For your first time, it is smart to work with a reputable company that provides tutoring for students. An established platform is bound to be more trustworthy because they have employed qualified tutors to work for them. These tutors are vetted before being used, and that means you will feel safer and more confident in working with them. Also, a business whose focus is slowly matching students with the right tutors will save you a lot of time finding the right person to work with. If you are a student, you probably need help urgently, and you do not want to spend too much of your time finding a great tutor.

  1. Checking client reviews

Like almost every online product or service, it is wise to check reviews of the tutor or online tutoring business you have in mind. Doing this before you settle on them as your final choice will spare you from any unpleasant surprises later. Reviews and client ratings tell us a lot about whether we can trust a business or not, and why we should choose them instead of the other many choices we might have at our disposal. Just like we wait for tech experts to review our favorite electronic devices before deciding what to buy, we can use online reviews to gauge how good an online tutor is.

  1. Private online tutors

If you choose to work with a private tutor, try finding a good referral from a person you know. A tutor who has already worked with your classmate is perfect for you, especially if they have a proven track record in your field of expertise. Private tutors also tend to be more thorough in their work, using visual aids and interaction with students. While they may be more expensive to work with, their services are worth the price. You will also find it much easier to communicate your specific challenges to a private online tutor.

  1. Time and cost

Besides finding out what kind of tutor you want to work with, you also need to consider other factors. For instance, there are different tutoring services available for students who prefer extensive, long-term help instead of those who need help with a single test like the SATs or the LSAT. Knowing this should help you narrow down your choices and go with what works best. Also, costs vary depending on your online tutoring needs. If you are working with a business, you are more likely to enjoy discounts or more affordable rates than a private tutor. However, the help you get may not be as personalized as you would like.

  1. Assignment tutoring

It is vital to realize that online tutoring goes beyond being taught different topics. It should also involve being given guidance on how to complete school assignments.  The best tutors for this are those who already have experience with school questions and how instructors set them. There is a great website you could visit if you want specific tutoring for your homework. Remember to know what you need help with, to allow the tutor to gauge how best they can approach the problem.

Sick and Tired of Bandwidth Throttling? Here’s How to Bypass It

Has bandwidth throttling been getting on your nerves lately?

We know how annoying it can be – especially when ISPs decide to throttle your speeds pretty regularly.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll show you a very simple way to prevent bandwidth throttling in this article (in a hurry? Skip to getting the best VPNs for the US to bypass this issue). And we’ll answer some relevant questions too.

What Is Bandwidth Throttling Exactly?

The easiest way to describe it is your ISP intentionally slowing down your online speeds. They can easily do that because they have complete control over your connections. They go through their network, after all.

Plus, your ISP can see what sites you visit. Also, they can analyze your data packets to see what specific web apps you use, and how much data you use on them. If they’re not happy with the amount, they can selectively throttle your bandwidth for those services.

How to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling

The solution is very simple – just use a VPN. It’s an online service that hides your IP address and encrypts your traffic. When you use it to browse the web, your ISP can’t throttle your speeds anymore. Here’s why:

  • The VPN stops your ISP from seeing what sites you connect to. Instead, they’ll just see the VPN server’s IP address.
  • The VPN encrypts your traffic end-to-end, so your ISP can’t analyze your data packets and DNS queries anymore. Because of that, they can’t see what web domains and web pages you’re accessing.

Without that specific information, your ISP isn’t able to selectively lower your speeds for specific services (like Netflix, for example) anymore.

Just make sure you use a VPN with smooth speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Otherwise, you’re just trading one form of throttling for another. To find the best VPNs for the US, follow that link and use ProPrivacy’s comprehensive guide.

How to Spot Bandwidth Throttling

One telltale sign is your speed dropping at regular intervals throughout the day – especially in the evening or at night when there’s likely a lot of user traffic.

But, in our opinion, the easiest way to spot throttling is to use a VPN. If you get better speeds with it for specific activities (like watching Netflix or downloading torrents), your ISP is definitely throttling your speeds.

You could also test your download and upload speeds with Ookla’s Speedtest. Basically, run the test without a VPN, and then run it again with a VPN. If your speeds are better while using a VPN, your bandwidth is being throttled.

Another thing you could do is run a manual YouTube test if you suspect that your ISP is throttling your connection at the protocol level (so your bandwidth isn’t throttled, but your video streams are limited to a lower resolution). Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open this 4K video.
  2. Select the 4K resolution option (2160p60).
  3. Play the video in full screen.
  4. Wait and see if it buffers more than once.
  5. If it does, lower the resolution and try again.
  6. Keep doing that until there’s no more buffering.

Now, compare the resolution that works with the video bitrates from Google to see what your video bandwidth is:

So if you don’t get buffering only if you use a 480p resolution, your video bandwidth is around 2.5 and 4 Mbps. If you know for a fact that’s much lower than what it should be (use Ookla’s Speedtest to find out), you’re dealing with bandwidth throttling.

Why Do ISPs Throttle User Bandwidth?

The main reason they do that is due to data caps. If you have a specific bandwidth limit you can’t go over each month, your ISP will throttle your speeds if you use too much data.

ISPs also throttle user bandwidth to prevent network congestion during peak traffic hours. That lets them improve their services, but it also means they don’t need to spend more money on expensive storage equipment or extra bandwidth.

Lastly, your ISP might also throttle your bandwidth if you’re doing something they don’t approve of – like downloading torrents.

Does Bandwidth Throttling Happen Only in the US?

Not exactly. It’s true that most news articles cover bandwidth throttling in the US. Also, many Reddit users from the US complain about it.

But this can also happen in pretty much any other country if there are no laws against it. Even the EU (which normally prohibits bandwidth throttling) allowed ISPs to throttle speeds at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can You Stop Bandwidth Throttling with a Proxy?

A proxy is pretty similar to a VPN server – it routes your online communications to different websites through a server, hiding your IP address in the process.

But here’s the difference – proxies don’t offer powerful encryption like VPNs do. Some of them offer some security, true, but it might not be enough to prevent bandwidth throttling.

Unfortunately, the only way to answer this question is to use a proxy, and see what your results are. In our case, they never worked out.

Can You Stop Bandwidth Throttling with Tor?

Tor should help you since it encrypts your traffic multiple times. So it’s even harder for ISPs to analyze your traffic.

But there’s a problem: the speeds. Tor is very, very slow. While it might stop bandwidth throttling, you won’t have a smooth online experience. Don’t forget – there are only around 6,000 servers and over two million users!

In our tests, we always got 1-3 Mbps speeds with Tor, which isn’t enough for decent streaming. With VPNs, our speeds hovered around 80-100+ Mbps.

Did You Ever Have to Deal with Bandwidth Throttling?

If yes, did using a VPN help you bypass it? Or did you use another method? If you did, please tell us about it in the comments.

Online Games – A Great Way to Kill Time During The Ongoing Pandemic

From shutting down offices to forcing people to switch to online meetings, the ongoing pandemic has taken a massive toll on literally every facet of our daily lives.

While a lot of workplaces and educational institutes are only now resuming their operations with proper SOPs in place, others have decided to stick to remote working and online communication until further notice.

As a result of this, many people are home-bound for months, and as a result, their boredom levels are at their peak.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay bored and do nothing. There are many ways to kill time during this ongoing pandemic, one of which is playing online games! You can expect to end up killing hours of your time, which will also help you take a break from that daily, monotonous, and unexciting routine!

But more than that, gaming has been shown to positively affect your cognitive skills, improve decision making, and also boost your memory – as long as you don’t overdo it and play in moderation! Let’s look at why you should delve into online games.

The Plethora of Online Games

From different board games to arcade games to sports games, the internet has taken the world of gaming by storm; you can find any and every type of game online according to your preferences and liking.

There has also been a rise in online casino games given how they have taken gambling to a whole other level! Now, you no longer need to go to a casino; all you need to do is sign up on an online casino site such as Casimba and play away! It is known for high payouts and amazing game variety, so all those who love a wee bit of gambling will thoroughly enjoy this game and many others like it!

High Mental Stimulation

Ever been fully engrossed in an online game, so much so that you have no idea of what’s happening around you?

Online games tend to do that to you – they require your focus and attention as they stimulate different parts of your brain. This isn’t a bad thing, though. Such games greatly boost your thinking skills, fine motor skills, inductive reasoning, and analysis skills.

This high level of stimulation is a great way to prevent boredom and keep yourself busy for the most part of the day when you have nothing else to do.

Stay Busy, Kill Boredom

Whether you love playing action games, sports games, board games, adventure games, or like to indulge in a few online casino games here and there, you can easily kill time and stay busy. The best part is that many online games have a multiplayer function, so you can invite your friends and see who takes the win at the end of the day!

While the current times are truly depressing, and no one knows when things will become normal, you can always find a way out to keep yourself busy, distracted, and happy!

The most dangerous manipulation technique: This is how a person can make you completely crazy!

Mental manipulation is the most insidious type of psychological violence – so insidious and subtle that we often have no idea what someone is doing to us. We notice only the result – self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, self-confidence. Unfortunately, when we start seeing this, it means that the damage to our psyche has already been done and all we can do at this stage is try to reduce the negative consequences somehow, although it is not exactly as easy as playing super porn games.

Life is often not fair, and sometimes even the best people can have bad things happen. And one of the worst is the most dangerous technique of manipulation – the one in which a person leads us to start questioning our mind. However, it is possible to recognize this technique in time and start with the defense, of course, if we know how to do it.

How to sow the seeds of doubt

This technique is called Gaslighting. In 1938, a play called Gas Light was shown in the theater for the first time. The play shows a man who is continually trying to convince his wife and mutual friends that she is crazy, and he does that by making small changes in the atmosphere at home.

When the wife starts noticing, the husband tries to convince her that things have always been the way she sees them now. The woman slowly begins to doubt her mind and her ability to perceive reality. One of the husband’s most characteristic actions was that he dimmed the gas lamp that burned in the room every time the woman left the room, and in fact, this led to the fact that this manipulative behavior is now called “gaslighting”.

Our reality has always been and will be subjective

In the play, the key to everything was the husband’s ability to change how his wife experienced reality very subtly. She could see that after she returned to the room, the lamp did not burn as intensely as before, but her husband said it had been burning just like that from the moment it was turned on. Why did he do that? Because he tried to make her doubt the perception of the world around her and, accordingly, the health of her own mind. For him, it was funny, like playing awesome free adult games.

We tend to trust close people. Therefore, this is a very insidious form of mental violence, which often goes unnoticed by the victim, who does not even realize it is possible. For the manipulator, “gaslighting” is simply another way to gain complete control over the victim. Today, light gaslighting is sometimes used even in some television commercials.

Lighting in our lives

The situation that made us write this article was what happened to one beautiful woman. She recently broke up with a man who didn’t deserve her from the start. People tried to explain to her that there will always be those in our lives who try to bring us down to their level and that the best thing we can do in return is not to allow that.

Which reaction is correct?

In short, you should not fall prey to manipulative attempts to convince you that black is white and that your eyes cannot be trusted. The fact is that there are many people in this world who, when they see a beautiful unicorn, immediately think: Alas, what a lovely unicorn. It is a pity that I will never become even remotely like him.

Do you feel that your love is near the end? These eight signs tell you that you are following the path of loving out!

Love used to flourish, and now we are not thrilled with our partner. We’ve all encountered this situation, haven’t we? It is tough to come to terms with a relationship that has “went beyond” its expiry date. Probably, there is still a considerable amount of love in such a relationship, but now it has turned more into comfort and convenience.

After all, anyone who has ever found themselves on the path of “falling out of love” is certainly aware that sometimes we have to give up while we are in the lead. Today we reveal to you eight signs that tell you just that. If by any chance, you feel that your relationship is not as exciting and passionate as real extreme porn games, we advise you to read them.

You are not pleasant in the company of other couples

When you are in love, you do not notice other couples who publicly express their love, because you are one of them. However, if you get tired of their behavior, you are probably jealous because their relationship is better than yours.

Your partner is more a best friend than a lover

Society has taught us that our partner must be our best friend, but you should still not relax too much. If you start doing the same thing with your partner as you do with your best friend, without hugging, kissing, and making love, you are going down a dangerous path.

You do not express your love with words anymore

When you feel you love someone, you will say it. If you don’t like him/her or aren’t sure, you won’t. And it’s a straightforward thing that says a lot about your relationship.

You feel something missing

You can’t immediately understand what exactly you are missing in a relationship – it bothers and haunts you. We can only tell you that this is how every person who is not in a quality relationship feels.

You no longer see a common future

At one point, you must have planned your entire future together, and now, you can’t see yourself going out together next week, and especially not in ten years. It’s hard to evaluate one relationship, mainly if it used to fulfill you before. However, it is probably better to know in advance if the person you are with is not right for you.

Certain habits nervous you

When you are just in love, all these strange habits delight you, but later, they start to drive you crazy during the relationship. If this is exactly what is happening to you and your partner’s eccentricities, your love is probably giving away.

Other people seem attractive to you again

When you are in the first period of your love, you generally do not take your eyes off your partner. However, if you now find yourself playing incest porn games online, checking out each attractive person on your way to work, or flirting a little more when you go out to a bar, you need to be aware that you are no longer as attached to your partner as you used to be.

Conversations are not what they were

When you are in love with someone, the topics for conversation are unlimited. Sometimes, you can’t stop talking. However, suppose the conversation starts to die at some point in your relationship. In that case, it is a good indicator that your relationship is approaching the expiration date, and you need something new.

Guide to find casino sites Online

Scores of new casinos are mushrooming in the online space every year. It is a good idea to check out the casino sites at Preview casinos before you enter the ring to play. You need to look at the best games and the biggest bonuses before you settle on the casino you want to bet on. The site will recommend the safe and reputed casinos that will guarantee the best gaming experience you can get.

What should you look for in a casino site?

You should read the casino reviews before you pay the deposit. The terms and conditions that are on the site should be an important consideration too. RTP should be higher in a good online casino, that is the return to player percentage should be high.

 The decision making process is also coloured by the bonuses offered by the online casino. The casino rewards you with additional money to bet on the games they choose to play. You just need to register to an online casino to get a bonus even before making a deposit. The withdrawal process should also be easy and efficient.

Customer care service is also important when you go hunting for a casino that suits you best. You should look for a quick response and knowledgeable back end that will resolve your queries immediately.

Know the games you like to play

There is a wide range of games that you may enjoy when you play at an online casino. You should be choosy about what you prefer and find easy to play. It is easy to lose money when you are not comfortable with the game. The casino sites at Preview casinos will provide you with a comprehensive guide about how to play and do well at all the games. You can get guides about all the table games, slots and poker or craps. You will be in a better position to win once you learn the ins and outs of the game.

The site you choose should offer you free games to sample the selection. Once you get an idea of the rules and intricacies of the same, you will enjoy it!

Look for the best software providers

The casino games are created and provided by software providers.  Look for eye catching graphics and attractive audio. Look for an online casino that allows you to filter games from a particular software provider. NetEnt, PlayTech, Evolution Gaming and Ygdrassil are some of the big names in this domain.

The best casinos will have a fair play clause and a license by the UKGC. This signifies that the casino has fair rules and has been licensed by the licensing council. The footnote of the online casino also specifies that it is licensed or not.

Read all reviews and choose the best casino site that offers all the prerequisites mentioned in this article and keep winning all the way to the bank.

How Keeping Help Desk Support in-House Can Hamper Your Firm?

Different companies from different industries are using various kinds of strategies to match the pace with the always-evolving marketplace. But when you look at all the industries and businesses out there, then you will notice that there is one thing common in all of them and that is outsourcing.

There used to be a time when outsourcing was considered as an alien strategy, and most of the firms out there were afraid of adopting it in their business. But with time, everything changed, and so does the perception of people regarding outsourcing. Now, businesses are flocking towards outsourcing because they know it can help their businesses in various ways, and the same goes for helpdesk support.

If you think that helpdesk supportis one of the most important parts of your business then instead of keeping it in-house and hampering your business, you should outsource. And if you are not convinced to outsource your help desk support even after going through its benefits, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how keeping helpdesk support in-house can hamper your business.

Increased expenses

If you are running a small or medium-sized business and planning to keep your helpdesk in-house, then you are making the worst mistake of your life. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses out there are always suffering from budget constraints, and if you have to deal with the increasing expenses of in-house help desk, then it will become a financial burden for you.

You should know that when you keep your help desk in-house, then you will have to bear the expense of hiring, managing and training employees. In addition to this, you will also have to build a complete setup for the helpdesk, and this will not be a small expense. But you can easily skip all these expenses by merely outsourcing help desk to a third-party expert. You will have to pay only the fixed fee to the third-party expert.

Lost focus on the core business process

Managing the helpdesk is not an easy task, and you will need to dedicate enough time and effort in managing the helpdesk properly. From taking care of the response rate to giving optimal solutions, you will have to do many things to keep your helpdesk always up and running. Well, if you lack on the side of human resources, then you will soon find yourself losing track on the core business process.

If you will lose your focus on the core business process and start managing other operations of the business like helpdesk support, then it can turn out to be a disaster for your company. But you can offload all the hassle of the helpdesk to a third party and focus on the core business process to get expected results from your efforts.

Losing availability

When it comes to helpdesk support, then the one thing that matters the most is availability. It doesn’t matter how good your response rate it or how good are the people sitting behind the phones, if you are not always available, then you will not be able to maintain business continuity. Being round the clock available through helpdesk while keeping it in-house is a challenge for each and every SME out there in the market.

And when the people behind the helpdesk is not available when your employees or customers will need them then this will surely hamper the overall process of a business. But when you outsource helpdesk support then the third party helpdesk expert will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This type of availability will surely improve your helpdesk system.

Not the best expertise

If you are planning to keep your helpdesk in-house, then you will have to be dependent on your in-house staff and have faith in their knowledge because you will have no other options. You can’t just begin hiring new employees just for helpdesk support because this will turn out to be one of your biggest expenses.

But when you will start working with an experienced third party expert providing helpdesk support services, then you will get access to the skills and expertise of highly trained professionals. These professionals that will be assigned by the third party expert will work as an extended part of your company, and thus they will help you in streamlining your overall helpdesk support. As you can see, there are many disadvantages of not outsourcing helpdesk in your firm, especially when you are running a small or mediums sized business. Just look for the best third party expert and outsource your helpdesk to get better results.

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Improve Your Bowling by Rocking Out When You Bowl

Bowling is viewed by most as a laid back, bun activity that you do with your friends or family while hanging out. And it certainly can be just that. This is why it appeals to the masses and virtually everybody enjoys going bowling, even when they are terrible at it.

                There is, however, a completely different way to experience bowling. Those who have bowled in tournaments or leagues, especially league championships that draw a crowd, understand that bowling can be an intense, pressure packed sport that requires significant focus and power over the mind. Sounds and movements coming from any number of sources can be very distracting. Your thoughts can also get out of control as you imagine missing the simple spare you are about to attempt to pick up.

                Don’t worry though, we have a way for you to overcome all of these mind games your head plays with you, weather caused by external sources or internal ones. What I’m about to suggest to you is something I accidentally discovered. I had a league championship match Saturday morning, so Friday night I wanted to get some throws in. By the way, you can click here if you are in the market for bowling equipment.

Because of work, I wasn’t able to get to the lanes until about 10 p.m. Although it wasn’t terribly crowded, there was disco music playing quite loudly that was driving me crazy. I happened to have brought some earphones with me, so I plugged into my phone and started playing my playlist. The problem was that most of the songs weren’t loud enough to block out the external music that was blasting (and still driving me nuts).

I sat down and created a playlist. I got all of the loudest songs I had and put them in this playlist. We’re talking Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Disturbed, and so on. Except for the few seconds in between songs, my music was now the only music I could hear. For that matter, it was the only noise I could hear. No bowling balls hitting the floor, no pins crashing, no talking or laughing, nothing. It was strange.

What I found myself doing subconsciously was tuning the music playing in my earphones out. It wasn’t like bowling in silence. I could still hear my music, but I wasn’t paying any attention to it. It was there, but I was detached from it. But because it was there, my mind was creating negative or crazy thoughts. The music was occupying my mind, but not my focus. I was able to completely concentrate on the shots I was making for the first time that I could remember.

The next morning, I bowled okay in the match. I wasn’t great, but I wasn’t bad. I was just okay (we did end up winning though). But from then on I always remembered to bring my loud music playlist and earphones so I could blast music when I practiced. After practicing this way for a while, I noticed an incredible improvement in my ability to focus and filter out noises and other distractions, especially in match and tournament play. Although the music wasn’t there, my mind was conditioned to having it there whenever I’d strap up my bowling shoes and hit the lanes. So it’s like my mind detached from me when I’d throw a ball, giving me the ability to focus on hitting whatever shot was in front of me.

                This newfound ability to focus transformed my game. I realized greater improvement over that year or so than I had experienced the previous 3 years. I still to this day have that playlist (though I’ve added a significant number of songs to it since I first created it) of loud, hard rock and heavy metal songs. And every time I practice, I blast that playlist through earphones that make it feel and seem as though I am bowling completely alone. When I’m playing in situations where I can’t have my earphones in, my mind still behaves as if I have them in and am blasting music through them.

                If you want to improve your bowling game and your mind strength, make a playlist of loud music. I highly recommend the bands I listed earlier! Make it a habit to take earphones with you every time you practice and blast that playlist while you practice. You will notice the improvement in your ability to focus on your next shot very quickly. It will take longer for this focus to manifest itself when you don’t have the earphones in, but if you stick with it, you’ll absolutely get there just as I did.