Psychoprism Sets The Power Metal Standard Outside The Stratosphere


Bands form for a lot of reasons and have limitless paths to success. Growing up surrounded by musicians and naturally forming a band, churches or other like groups that need music, studio players or substitute band members that are taken on tours with bands they have recorded with and kept for one extenuating circumstance or another; the list goes on and on. Sometimes a band’s story is as good as their music. Such is the case with a completely sick band called Psychoprism out of New York/New Jersey.

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Fifth Freedom “Heartbreak & Hellfire” Review!

Photo Credit: Sugar Skull Photography

Photo Credit: Sugar Skull Photography

A few months ago I let you know about a band that is bringing good old fashioned rock n roll back to its rightful place at the top. Fifth Freedom call Portland, Maine home, but their roots are most certainly in the South. The band has the type of guitar work that will bring you to your knees. The term “Fifth Freedom” is a permit to disregard to any law to accomplish the mission, and that’s exactly what the band does. Regardless what is popular the band has set its sights on their sound, put their hearts into it and journeyed forward. As a listener and fan I’m already thankful for what they have done for music. They are already reaping the rewards as they have an incredible fan base both in their home state and across the country. The band recently released their sophomore record “Heartbreak & Hellfire”, a follow up to their self-titled debut from 2014. The album was recorded with Jon Wyman at The Halo Studios and mastered by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Adam Ayan and the renowned Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine. The songs on the album are a window into frontman Alan Jones’s soul. The heart wrenching and powerful lyrics play right along with the bluesy American rock n roll sound they have so gracefully created. Continue reading

Progressive Metal At Its Very Best – The Arbitrary


If you are like me, you think “The Big Easy”, Mardi Gras, Cajun food, Tulane or Katrina when New Orleans is mentioned, right? Well, it is also considered the birthplace of Jazz, in all of its wonderful variants. Horns, tubas, upright bass, snare drums, accordions; often played in the streets as part of a festival or parade. Sue me. I love it all (mostly traditional Bop and Hard Bop). You get my point. But, you ask yourself, this is a Metal site, correct? This is where things go a little sideways, because there is a new name in Progressive Metal that was born and bred in this same city at the end of the Mississippi River. Hold on tight because, The Arbitrary is about to change your perception of New Orleans music.

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The Beautifully Rough Edges Of Layden And The Lion


Being involved with music and musicians is a real blessing. I have gotten to meet and speak to long time heroes that have kept me sane for as long as I can remember as well as discover new music by just showing up at a show just because I need a break from my life for a couple of hours. These are also the shows that I have met and gained so many new friends that I am grateful to be surrounded by today. I don’t mind driving a few hours to see bands coming through that I have reviewed because, as you know, our staff only covers what we like (we are a diverse group, so most music is going to be liked by at least one of us). Such was the case when I was recently on vacation in Louisiana. I have worked extensively with Chelle Nelson of Rawk Promotions out of Dallas so when presented the opportunity to hit a show with her and her husband, I took it. Turns out, it is a small world because I got to see and meet Space Ape, who Dragon had already reviewed (Space Ape) and a new band out of Lafayette, LA/Santa Rosa Beach, FL called Layden and the Lion, who I think deserves some serious attention. Continue reading

Black Crown Initiate Robbed In St. Louis!

Photo Credit: Trevor Sweeney Media

Photo Credit: Trevor Sweeney Media

Modern progressive death metal master minds Black Crown Initiate have been robbed tonight while in St. Louis. The band had been touring in support of their new album ‘Selves We Cannot Forgive’. It has become all too common that bands that barely scrape by are having their gear and personal items stolen by heartless thieves. Unfortunately one of the things that was stolen was their passports; The tragedy couldn’t have happened at a worse time as the band is about to head out for a European tour in 3 weeks with Volumes, Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris. In addition to the passports $5,000 in cash they had earned on their most recent tour was also stolen along with their personal computers. The band used Facebook to announce the bad news. Continue reading

Review Of ‘No Lives Matter’ By Napalm Strike


Napalm Strike came to the attention of our staff recently after the release of their latest EP, No Lives Matter on June 15th. I took one listen to the release and snapped it up before anyone else could stake claim on the review of this ass-kicking, Thrash release.

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DIVIDED WE STAND Release Music Video for “New Era”!


Photo Credit: NVK Photography

A few months ago we were fortunate enough to see Divided We Stand at the Summer Slam Festival in Johnson City, Tennessee. The band has a unique and melodic style that is appealing to almost any ear. The beautiful melodic vocals by singer Joseph Turner is surrounded by amazing musicians playing their instruments with the greatest precision. The Knoxville based band has just released a music video for their song “New Era”. The song is the newest release by the band who last released ‘Civil Unrest’ back in 2011. The song could certainly standalone without any visualization, but the video makes it all that much more appealing. Both in the video and in a live setting you can see and feel the passion the band has for their music. You will often see a smile on their face. They not only make great music but they have some of the best on stage chemistry you will ever see. The video was made possible by Spider Studios and Post Retro Productions who put together an amazing quality music video that has great cinematography and keeps viewer’s attention. Enjoy the video and make sure to follow Divided We Stand online so you won’t miss anything this up and coming band has going on. Continue reading

State of the Art: Mind Vice

*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Washington!


Not looking for the normal fare this week. I was looking for something different, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what specifically I was looking for. When I heard it, I would know, right? Washington has, so far, provided a bevy of super music, so I figured it couldn’t be too difficult. Two hours later I found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Heart of 70’s Rock with elements of Funk and fuzzy Psych they have termed as “Head Banging, Ass Shaking, MoltenHotSludgefunk”. I’ll buy that. Saves me the trouble of trying to categorize them and sounds much cooler than anything I would have come up with anyway. So, without further ado, let’s check out what makes Mind Vice such a kick ass band.

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One of my favorite death core bands, Fit For An Autopsy, have a split album coming out tomorrow, August 12. In anticipation of this release, they have graced us with one of the two tracks that they have recorded for the split “The Depression Sessions“, which also features tracks by The Acacia Strain and Thy Art Is Murder.

It’s a pretty killer track and sits strongly alongside the tracks already released by TAS and TAIM. If you like it, make sure to snag a copy HERE.