Our Hollow Our Home & Guests Rock “Holloween Fest” [Review & Photo Gallery]

Our Hollow Our Home

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day and it’s finally arrived. Time seemed to pass so slowly, and then once the day arrives, it’s over in the blink of an eye. UK’s finest, Our Hollow Our Home host their annual Holloween festival at The 1865 venue in Southampton. This is the second year of the event, and due to the great turnout last year, the show was moved to The 1865 because of the increased capacity. It was a perfect location, with two bars (essential to any metal show), and all the bands’ merch on sale upstairs. As you can see in the poster, the lineup for Holloween 2018 is why I was keen as mustard to go. The hosts, Our Hollow Our Home headline this beast of a day just after the release of their new album titled ‘In Moment // In Memory.’ I have a copy on black marble vinyl which looks and sounds amazing. I’m sure there will be an album review soon on Metal Nexus, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The Uncharted

The whole day looked to run amazingly smooth with band changeover times kept to a minimum, battering the ears and eyes of the audience throughout the day and night. I witnessed some great sets by bands I’ve seen before and bands I have not. The first band I was excited to see and shoot for was the Gloucestershire seven-piece, The Uncharted who played third on the bill. I’ve witnessed these fellas before, but the fact they were playing mainly all their new tracks from the latest EP titled ‘Perspectives’ and kicking straight off with “Deathdrive” was a great move – BOOM! Within the first three seconds you get it all from fast snare drum action, fast riffs, and shouting aggressive vocals smashed into your face. The only thing left for you to do is nod back with approval.

Pete Lee commands the stage well and jumps down into the press pit and stands up on the barricade, delivering his vocals. Guitarists, Josh Finch and Joe Pronini keep the energy going onstage with the catchy riffs this first track has whilst Aaron Carter delivers the clean, melodic vocals.

All in all, they played six tracks – with an old track I’m familiar with called “Cry Wolf,” played in the middle of the set. But the highlight and standout track for me was “Horizons,” off the new EP. Just search the songs I’ve mentioned on YouTube to see the videos. If you like what you hear, pop along to their store and purchase the EP for yourselves.


The sixth band on the bill was InVisions, who kicked off with the track from their new music video, “Good For Nothing.” The intro, with the chuggy riffs from Lucas Gabb and Alex Scott, and the double bass drum action from hard-hitting Josh Hardy smack you in the chest from the get-go. The crowd were present for all bands before InVisions, but they stepped up the game when these boys were playing. Almighty cheers rung out and circle pits with windmill moves were present. I have to say, I witnessed InVisions back in June – and when you think a band can’t get any better, think again. They sounded phenomenal back then, and I honestly can’t put my finger on what’s changed – it’s just mind-blowing. Hat’s off, fellas!

The whole set was played with the throttle wide open and totally in control. Vocalist, Ben Ville’s onstage presence is great to see. He has so much vocal control on the shouts and growls – just superb. He towers around the stage with ease and passion. You can just tell he loves what he does, and even the cheeky grins from time to time show how much he and the lads enjoy what they do.

Their sound and performance is truly amazing. Lucas and Alex’s natural stage presence shines through, whilst standing on the elevated step-ups between the monitors, holding the guitars up to a roar from the crowd. They also played “Parasite,” a personal favorite track of mine. I urge Metal Nexus readers to go scope them out and check the videos which are online. Also, I would like to mention they have recently signed a deal with Stay Sick Recordings –  and I can just picture all the people who made that decision partaking in a round of mutual backslapping, high fives, and fist bumps for signing them. InVisions have new recordings coming very soon which will get reviewed here.


The eighth band to perform was Imminence. Well, I was at Holloween to review a few bands but not write about all of them. I was speaking to a friend before Imminence hit the stage (who I wasn’t covering for), and within 30 seconds, I had to run to the press pit and get some pics of them for sure.

Something just hit me straight away and it was like, “don’t miss this.” Well, if you’re not aware of them like I was, make it happen. They are an alternative metalcore band hailing from Sweden, fronted by vocalist, Eddie Berg. These fellas were not messing around. Straight away they busted into their track, “The Sickness” with the drum roll intro, and straight into fast-paced melodic and heavy riffs. The crowd were going crazy within seconds.

I then noticed frontman, Connor Hallisey from Our Hollow Our Home sneaking up the wings, thinking he was here to check them out. But then he got introduced, and did guest vocals with them for their opening track. They followed up with “Wine and Water,” which is one of those tracks that just hits you straight away and all you can do is move or bounce your head with agreement. They played six tracks in total, and since this event, I’ve checked them out more and I’m keen to watch them again soon. Eddie and crew just have that stage presence and sound that made me stop doing what I was doing and really pay attention. Within seconds, Eddie was running up and down the press pit area just going crazy.


The ninth band up was Liverpool’s Loathe. Straight away I knew this would be a class set by these lads, as it always is. The only thing I have to deal with is the annoying red lights they use, which is a photographer’s kryptonite. Loathe have a really dark and moody setup with their lighting, but as a spectator, it adds to the vibe of the show – that, along with two TV screens they have onstage, flashing images and messages in time with the music throughout their set.

Lead vocalist, Kadeem France came onto the stage, after the other members, with his face wrapped in a black and white cloth mask with his fist pumped in the air. The crowd went insane for this already established act from Liverpool. Connor Sweeney is also a gem on guitars and amazing to watch with his roundhouse kicks and his low stance, chugging out their low and unique guitar sound – which a lot of bands are trying to imitate right now (we all know who). Leave it alone to these boys who have mastered it. Guitarist, Eric Bickerstaffe ended up playing bass for the night as they were a man down, but what a stellar job he did also by backing up Kadeem on vocals. Like I said, Loathe have TV screens on either side of the stage, so I can imagine it’s gonna be a matter of time before these screens go to jumbo size for the huge stages that await them. They already have a massive following, so get behind them and lets see them at huge events where they belong.

Our Hollow Our Home

Our Hollow Our Home – the time has come for the hosts of HOLLOWEEN to grace the stage. Us photographers get three songs in the pit normally, but within the first song things went mental. Fans were crowd-surfing and moshing in circle pits right away – WHAT insanity! And the fact the first three songs were off their new album entitled, ‘In Moment // In Memory,’ which was only released a week or so before the show, that’s insane how the crowd was also singing the lyrics – Damn! Their fans have dedication and loyalty for them.

I looked at guitarist, Josh White and he was like gobsmacked, and the whole band were blown away with the response of the crowd to these brand new tracks. I managed to get one and a half songs before asked to leave the pit due to surfers flying over the barrier – which I was totally fine with. Damn you, health and safety crap.

Our Hollow Our Home

I stayed in the wings, watching the band as vocalist, Connor Hallisey and crew were delivering their music to the audience flawlessly. Their sound was harmonic guitar squeals and fast-driving riffs mixed with aggressive and melodic vocals along with driving drum beats – with those lovely double bass drum triplets and grooves delivered by hard-hitting, Nick Taliadoros – and the rhythm section finished off with bass player beast, Bobby Brooks. If there is a band I’ve seen who sound exactly as good as their recorded material then it’s these guys. Even down to Tobias Young’s melodic vocal delivery mixed with Connor’s shout/screams and his talking style vocals – it’s a perfect combo. The vocal delivery by both these guys is always outstanding. To be that good whilst storming around the stage like Connor and the members do – WOW! Yep, I’ve seen OHOH a few times now and its always a cracking night. They played 15 old and new tracks in total, and if I counted properly, eight of the tracks were off the new album. Well, in true OHOH fashion, you get more than you paid for at their shows. They also played “Hartsick,” “Karmadillo,” “Worms Wood,” “Parting Gift,” “Loneshark,” and finally ending on “Feast for the Crows.”

To close out, if you are not aware of Our Hollow Our Home then I suggest you go to YouTube and Spotify and dig out their material, as you will not be disappointed. If after checking them out you don’t part with some cash, I will be amazed. They are a really hard-working band which they do off their own backs, and rightfully so, if it works for them at the moment. They are already dominating the UK and Europe whilst touring all the time. With their latest release, 2019 is gonna be the year for these boys. Myself and Metal Nexus wish them all the best.





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