ORNIMENTAL Release Lyric Video for “Love Thy Enemy”


Ornimental is a band with a mission, a mission to put the groove punch, originality, and excitement back into metal, where it belongs. The band was founded by lead guitarist Danny Perry and drummer Julio. The name itself, Ornimental, comes from the Latin prefix Orni (to celebrate or decorate) and the root word mental (of intelligence or insanity), and true to form, Ornimental delivers an intelligent, possessed sound that celebrates the origins and foundations of hard rock and metal alike. More than anything what Ornimental has come to mean with regards to the bands sound is unique. With influences ranging from metal legends like Megadeth, Van Halen, Metallica, Arch Enemy, and Pantera. The band doesn’t of course stop with influences from the metal world, within their musical you can also hear classical music influences from composers like Beethoven or Mozart. 

The Florida based band has now has released the Lyric Video for their single, “Love Thy Enemy.” While the song has an intense riffing and overwhelming thrash feel you still are able to hear how the band melds classical music into their sound. It’s faint, but you know its there. These haunting female shrieks begin the song, but don’t let these scare you away, this track is dripping with masculinity. There are a varying vocal style and the backing vocals sometimes take on a whole other role within the song making it multi-dimensional. For thrash lovers they will certainly love the track, it’s full of riffs and gritty aggresive vocal delivery but at other times there are moments of melody that helps take your foot off the accelerator for a few moments. Last but not least we can’t forget the amazing 80’s influenced guitar solo work that even Eddie Van Halen himself would be proud of. Ornimental may be new to your vocabulary but they will soon become a household name. 


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