OF VIRTUE Announces Next Album ‘What Defines You’ And Releases First Track ”No Control”!

Of Virtue has been around since 2009 and has always looked for ways to help those who can’t express themselves and latest release ”No Control” is no different!

Released 3 days ago on the 11th of April via SharpTone Records is beauty ”No Control”. It is our first glimpse of what full album ‘What Defines You’ might contain and if it is anything like this track it is without a doubt going to be a must to listen to. After having released 2 albums, 1 EP and some singles it was time for them to come up with their next big thing. And here it is in its full glory. ”No Control” talks about the belief of not having control over many things we do every day. Which some people struggle to understand (including myself). But I truly hope, just like Of Virtue, that those people will soon find the answer they are looking for!

Excited about their upcoming record ‘What Defines You’? Pre-order it right here!

Of Virtue:

Vocals – Tyler Ennis
Guitar/Vocals – Damon Tate
Guitar – Michael Valadez
Bass – Jon Fox
Drums – Kyle Pruehs

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