Members of SpiralArms Form New Band!


Recently we released the news that the Bay Area rockers SpiralArms had called it quits after being formed for 12 years. The band was led by vocalist/guitarist Tim Narducci (Systematic, White Witch Canyon) who has now moved on to form another band along with SpiralArms bassist Chris ‘Cornbread’ Lombardo. The two have an amazing chemistry together and are also band mates in a ZZ Top tribute band called Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers. Cornbread made this announcement via Facebook: “OK kids! Here it is! Stick a fork in Spiralarms, Cause it’s done! But no tears shall be shed, for it is a happy day! Have no fear, The Watchers are here!!”

The Watchers are self-described as “Heavy Street Riff Rock.” Along with Narducci and Cornbread other members include Jeremy Von Eppic (The Venting Machine) on guitars and the talented drummer Carter Kennedy who was a founding member of the San Francisco band Orchid. The band is already in the studio working on their upcoming release and we are hoping more details will emerge soon. The Watchers has a few shows schedule already which you can see below.


Follow The Watchers on Facebook here to see more details about the band as they emerge.

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