MAKE THEM SUFFER Release Glorious Song Uncharted From Upcoming Album Worlds Apart!

Australian Metalcore band Make Them Suffer just released a brand new video yet again and it is magical! Prior to this song they released the song ”Fireworks”, check that out HERE. Today, 11th of July, they released their second song from their upcoming album ‘Worlds Apart’ which will release on the 28th this month! (Pre-order it at the end of this page). The direction they are going with this is very promising!

Let’s talk history, Make Them Suffer has been putting smiles on our faces since their release of ‘Lord Of Woe’, they continued doing so with the later album ‘Old Souls’. But it all changed since the famous album ‘Neverbloom’. This masterpiece came out on the 25th of May of 2012 via their record label, at that time, RoadRunner.(Now they are part of the label RiseRecords). ‘Neverbloom’ is an album that you can’t reproduce, there is no band that will ever get near the amazingness of this album. I have listened to it on repeat till this very day, one of the best in its kind. The release of ‘Worlds Apart’ will mark a huge direction change for Make Them Suffer and I am already loving it so far!

I am loving these changes in style for Make Them Suffer, one of the best parts about this band has always been the keyboard. Their keyboardist has for a long time been Louisa Burton but she stepped out of the band right before this new album, she has been a huge part of the band so it is sad so see her go but that did create a spot for keyboardist Booka Nile. As much as I liked their former keyboardist I have to say that Booka is really top-notch, that got to show in their new music video for sure!

They also changed bass players, Jaya Jeffery took the place of Chris Arias-Real. While there is no actual ”taking places” ,because every musician is different and is special in their play style, I think with these line up changes they are stronger than ever. For more about these line-up changes click HERE to read the full official story. 

Check out the new song ”Uncharted” right above!

The brand new song ”Uncharted” gave you another reason to pre-order their upcoming album ‘Worlds Apart’!


They also just announced their tour dates! You can’t miss this, get your tickets now!

Make Them Suffer consists of:

Guitar: Nick Mclernon
Keyboard/vocals: Booka Nile
Bass: Jaya Jeffery
Drums: Tim Madden
Vocals: Sean Harmanis

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