Louder Than Life Spotlight: RADKEY

*Every Tuesday and Thursday from now until Louder Than Life gets here we will be releasing an article about a band playing the festival to get you familiar with them.*

Today’s Artist is Radkey

There are a lot of bands in the hard rock/metal community that consist of siblings – Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, Chris and Willie Adler of Lamb of God, Max and Igor Cavalera of The Cavalera Conspiracy/Sepultura, and Michael and Chris Amott of Arch Enemy, to name a few.  The same applies for the Missouri trio, Radkey.  The band is comprised of three home-schooled brothers that bring a punk-inspired rock sound that at times, is quite aggressive but contrasts well with the more ‘toned down’ tunes in their arsenal.

Radkey first got their start in 2010 and played their first show in 2011 opening for Los Angeles rockers, Fishbone, and have since then shared the stage with bands such as The Offspring, Local H, and Black Joe Lewis as well as adding SXSW, Riot Fest, U.K.’s Download Festival, and Coachella to their resume.  The band has released three EP’s – ‘Cat & Mouse’ via Wreckroom Records, ‘Devil Fruit’ courtesy of Little Man Records and their August 2017 release, ‘Dark Black Makeup’ – and are quickly gaining popularity with every show.

According to the band’s Facebook page:

“Radkey does whatever they want. Whether it’s hard and fast, or slow and groovy as fuck. Radkey does whatever they want, and that’s what rock and roll is all about. You can hear it in the music and it makes you want to fucking party. Radkey doesn’t cater to one sound by calling themselves a “Punk Band”.”

When I first listened to this band, I began with “Love Spills” and was immediately taken aback by how well the overall product really is.  From the structure of the song itself to the content and the raw talent of each member, you can really hear the chemistry the brothers have with one another.  Radkey list some of their favorite bands including Misfits, Foo Fighters, Wolfmother, Jack White, and Led Zeppelin – all of which can be pointed out when listening to each song.  You can find out exactly what I mean by checking out my personal favorite from the brothers, “Start Freaking Out”, below:

All in all, a Radkey show is an all-out party fueled by the spirit of the old CBGB sound that meshes with the 70’s heavy metal tones, so if you’re looking for a band you’ve maybe never heard of, or you’re already a fan and are looking forward to seeing them, or you’re just looking to party, find Radkey at Louder Than Life and there will be no denying just exactly where you are.  I’ll see you there!  Also be sure to ‘like’ and follow the band on Facebook to keep up with all tour dates and news!

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