KNOCKED LOOSE Vocalist Pleads With Fans “Just Please Don’t Bark At Me”

Knocked Loose might be the heaviest exported from Kentucky, and have certainly carved out a rabid fan base in the 3 short years since their debut album, 2016’s ‘Laugh Tracks’.  Touring with the likes of Beartooth, Terror, Every Time I Die and A Day To Remember and Warped Tour, fans have been clamoring for new music, and the band delivered with a ferocious ep, ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ that should tide everyone over until a proper follow up is released.

Bryan joins co host Jon for an intimate conversation inside the bands van to talk about the past 3 years since the band dropped 2016’s “Laugh Tracks” and the rise in the bands profile. We also talk about the bands approach to touring and the weight of the expectations on the band.

Bryan also opens up about fans barking at him in public at shows and how he feels about his band being a constant source of memes and more.

Hear the full interview below:

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