Kings Of Strings: Andreas Kisser From Sepultura!

This week we are featuring the almighty guitarist Andreas Kisser. He is mostly known for being the lead guitarist and back up vocalist for the Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura but you might also know him from projects such as Hail!, Sexoturica and Brasil Rock Stars. Get right in!

Besides all that he is a producer, song writer and he also started his solo career back in 2007. He brought forth his first solo album just 2 years later namedHubris I & II’, it is truly a piece of art, check it! People quickly began to realise what this man is capable of and so in 2008 Scorpions asked Andreas to play with them. Not only has he played with Scorpions but also for thrash legends Antrax. After seeing him live myself I really started to appreciate and understand why huge bands like these wanted Andreas to help them out. Not only is he extremely talented his passion is huge and that is visable when he is playing on stage like crazy. He owns the guitar, Andreas is leading like no one else can and every second of him performing is like tasting the perfect the perfect chocolate cake over and over again. It is magical! But when he starts his solo there is nothing in this world that can stop him, his focus is intense and so is he playing. The passion is literally dripping of. He is an legendary artist in my eyes and a fantastic guitar player, he has played for so long yet his skills are getting better each day. if you get the chance to witness it live, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

Right above is a video that includes Andreas giving you the tip of the day! This might just be the tip you needed, check it out!

This will do for the fifth Kings Of Strings, I have featured some incredible artists in the past. Check them out HERE. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you again next week!

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