Ken Susi Of UNEARTH On Touring With AS I LAY DYING “We’ve Supported That Band For A Long Time, And We’re Not Gonna Change Our Position On That”


Ken Susi is most known as the guitar player for metalcore giants Unearth, but Susi has quietly built up a resume that showcases his many talents within the music industry from producing a handful of records like ‘Hardcore Lives’ by hardcore legends Madball and Ligeia’s “Your Ghost Is A Gift’ and “Bad News’ to name a few.  Ken has also carved out a career over the last few years  being a brand ambassador and artists relations rep for Fishman Pickups which has become one of the biggest pickup brands thanks to Susi.  Oh, and he also put out a scorching new record with his band Unearth, ‘Extinctinon(s)’, which is their seventh album over their 20+ year career.

Ken joins the BREWtally Speaking Podcast to talk about his recording career, and how he approaches the process of recording each band, with interesting stories about how he helped Ligeia capture the “party sound” they were after for ‘Bad News’ and how he helped steer The Contortionist album to be heavier than they had initially wanted and riding the line between fan and producer to capture the old Madball sound, but make it sound modern as well.

 Ken and co host Jon also touch on the significance of Unearth being one of the first well established acts to go out in a support slot on an upcoming As I Lay Dying tour, how he and his bandmates wrestled with the decision to take the tour and more.

Hear the full interview below:

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