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Full Devil Jacket have released one of the best comeback albums in the last decade titled “Valley of Bones”. Singer and lyricist Josh Brown also spent some time in the christian rock band Day of Fire, during the time FDJ was apart. While both bands are great we are very glad to have Full Devil Jacket back and making new music. Josh and drummer Keith Foster are the only two original members still in the band. FDJ has always been a lyrically driven band and that hasn’t changed after so much time apart. Many people, including myself credit Josh Brown’s lyrics as one of the main things that aided in getting through life’s struggles. The lyrics cast away the darkness that tries to surround us all. We had the opportunity to speak with Josh before they head out on their next tour.


Metal Nexus: First and foremost as a fan I want to thank you for putting out new music, and we are glad Full Devil Jacket is back and kicking ass. We have noticed anytime we are in a town you guys have played in the past year there will be at least 3-4 FDJ shirts being proudly worn in the crowd.

Josh Brown: I appreciate Metal Nexus for doing this interview with me, and thanks to all my friends, family, and fans for helping me to continue to create music and art…

Metal Nexus: It had been 12 years since FDJ released an album. You sing with so much emotion, what inspires your lyrics?

Josh Brown: I write from life experience and the search for fundamental truth. I believe that in today’s social, economical, and political climate the revelation of truth is a very dangerous idea. I play rock n roll music, rock n roll has always been dangerous. That’s what makes it rock n roll…I believe that if I can be genuine in my lyrics, to communicate my experience, my world view, as well as my success’s and failures I am creating true art or you could say “truth” art.

Metal Nexus: A lot of bands are taking the Kickstarter route these days to help put an album out and in returns lets the fans get involved and get some cool stuff as well. Since you guys recently used Kickstarter to initially put this album out how was the process for you?

Josh Brown: It was a great experience, lots of work putting together the packages, but very very rewarding. To see all the support of our friends, family, and fans was truly remarkable..

Metal Nexus: We were lucky enough to see you with Adrenaline Mob and Drowning pool in West Virginia, and then you did a tour with Hinder, is there a plan for a headlining tour in the future?

Josh Brown: We are always planning to do more touring. We are doing a quick headlining run this sept with Bridge to Grace and then doing some support tours after that…

Metal Nexus: When do you expect to start working on a new album?

Josh Brown: It’s hard to say right now, depends on what happens in the next 3 months.

Metal Nexus: A lot of people may not be aware but as well as being a musician you are a talented artist as well. What was your first love music or art? And what medium is your favorite to work with?

Josh Brown: I grew up at tattoo shops working under my brother Matt.. He is a great artist as well. I got interested in music about the same time my brother started working at tattoo shops So music and art have always co existed in my life. These days I do one when I need a break from the other.
So it works out pretty well…

Metal Nexus: Where can people purchase your art?

Josh Brown: My friend Rob Nielson from wired web development put together an amazing website for me at

Metal Nexus: You have said in the past you grew up in/around a tattoo shop, would you say that contributed to you being more artistic?

Josh Brown: It definitely helped me to develop my style and confidence . I believe I was born with the artistic spark. I believe we all are born with it, We just have to figure out what area of life to use it in..

Metal Nexus: Was there any one thing that influenced you to become a singer?

Josh Brown: My friend Dave Gaines was learning to play guitar, he made me learn the words to She talks to Angels by the Black Crows. That was the first song I learned, horribly I might add.

Metal Nexus: What band is still active and touring that you would like to go on the road with?

Josh Brown: Failure is putting out a new record- Fantastic Planet is 1 of my top 5 favorite albums of all times.. Would love to tour with them…

If you are in the area make sure to check them out on tour.



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